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Netsmart EHR/EMR products transform patient records into actionable documents. These products are modular and can either be purchased as a standalone solution or as part of a bundle. It also provides services like IT management, Medicare and Medicaid billing processing. Its products are used by more than 30,000 companies and have won many awards.

It is simple to use

Netsmart EMR Software and DocuTAP EMR Software offer simple-to-use electronic medical records software. Both systems are customizable and offer many healthcare services. Netsmart EHR can be used by all medical practices, even those with small staffs. DocuTAP, on the other hand, is designed for urgent care, primary and pediatric care.

Netsmart, a relatively new product, is on the market while DocuTAP has existed on the market almost twenty years. Experity recently acquired both companies and made them subsidiaries. They provide comprehensive patient care solutions including lab integration and electronic prescribing. They also offer a patient portal that allows patients to view their records prior to appointments.

DocuTAP offers an EMR cloud-based solution. It integrates revenue cycle management and has an intuitive user interface. It supports mobile devices and tablet computers. It is a good choice for part-time doctors because of its simple workflow.

It is easy to train

NetSmart and DocuTAP offer integrated practice management software and patient education. DocuTAP EMR and PM integrates with patient education, straight to-pharmacy prescription capability as well as automated discharge instructions. Revenue Cycle Management is also available in DocuTAP EMR& PM. DocuTAP is available for primary, urgent, and specialty care.

DocuTAP EMR and PM software can be used by any size practice. DocuTAP is web-based, and offers integrated PM and EMR functionality. Additionally, the company offers payment, collection, business intelligence and payment features. It also has a powerful scheduling feature. DocuTAP dashboards offer detailed information and custom reports.


Netsmart EMR Software and DocuTAP EMR Software both offer customizable and comprehensive EHR solutions. Both provide features like e-prescribing and e-payment as well as results reporting. They also offer a free trial and demo. Both can be used in small and large medical offices.

These systems can be tailored to fit the needs of medical practices. Some systems are cloud-based while others can be installed on one computer. There are many products available. The best fit for your practice will be one of them. You can research to find the best solution for your office.

Other than cloud-based EMR software, there are also paper-based options. ChartWare EMR software has e-prescribing capabilities that ensure accuracy in patient records. It also allows you to schedule appointments and perform lab tests. RhapsodyCare software from Delta Health Technologies is available for smaller practices. It’s designed to manage the clinical operations at inpatient hospice facilities. Data Strategies’ MDsuite is another product that integrates EMR with practice management. This product is ideal for small- to medium-sized medical offices.


Healthcare providers can benefit from flexible EMR software like Netsmart. These applications can streamline your daily operations. These applications allow for instant treatment assessment and graphic representation of reports. This software is built on the Essentia Medical Records platform and provides powerful features to streamline your workflow.

EHR solutions come in a variety of price points and features, so it is important to know what your practice requires. Understanding your practice’s workflow will help you choose the right software for your needs. This will also save you money. Netsmart allows you to get a free trial and a quote.

Flexible EMR solutions can be used in a variety different environments and workflows. A nursing home might need an EMR solution that can connect to billing and insurance. CareLogic, a cloud-based EMR solution, is another option. This solution can also support behavioral health records and can accommodate multiple levels within one facility.

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