A spiritually romantic day, Karwa Chauth is the day when the wife observes a day-long fast, away from both, food and water. This is done with the loving intention of good health, long life, and prosperity for her husband. As the wife observes, this fast with utmost devotion, the best way to acknowledge her love and sacrifice is through Karwa Chauth gifts for wife. 

However, choosing gifts can be a little confusing and we at OyeGifts understand that. With a multitude of options, we have so much for you to explore and gift your wife.

Here are 10 Karwa Chauth gifts for your wife:

1. Cake

A decadent cake packed with nectarous flavors always remains the most unbeatable gift. With its mesmerizing flavors and taste, you will be delighted. Get the cake in a heart shape to add to the romantic element. This will make your wife really loved and also have the best way to break her day-long fast.

2. Red roses

Red roses make amazing Karwa Chauth gifts. For the romantic symbolism and stunning color, roses when arranged in a beautiful heart shape, make an admirable choice of gift for your wife. You can also gift them in the form of a bouquet and team it with other small gifts to make it a complete surprise package.

3. Jewelry

The fact that women dearly love jewelry isn’t left unknown. Jewelry is the simplest, yet most effective among all karwa chauth gifts. You can choose from professional, trendy, ethnic, and a lot of other variations depending on your wife’s choice and wearability. As she decks up n the jewelry gifted by you, the both of you shall feel immensely joyful. We are sure that your lady love will glow in your stellar jewelry choice!

4. Perfume

Fragrance can never go wrong when it comes to gifts. You can gift your soul mate the gift of amazing smell as she wears a perfume gifted by you.  This perfume can either be one you have explored and think she would like or take the sure way by choosing a fragrance that you know is her favorite and is worn by her frequently. 

5. Photo frame

Among Karwa Chauth gifts, gifts with photographs always win for their personal touch. A photograph is one of them for the beautiful memory it captures and reminds you of every time you look at it. Gift your wife a photo frame with a special picture of the two of you. You can also add a picture from your wedding day to this adorable frame. 

6. Personalized mug

For someone who enjoys her morning tea or coffee, a personalized mug is a great idea. Personalized mugs make thoughtful Karwa Chauth gifts as they are used every day making them practical and useful daily. Moreover, your wife will be reminded of the beautiful bond the two of you share, every morning. 

7. Spa combo

A relaxing time is what everyone needs. Especially your wife, who works tirelessly at home and office spending hours, unable to take out time for herself. Even on the day of Karwa Chauth when the day-long fast makes your wife tired, a spa is what will soothe her. That is when a spa hamper or spa combo comes to use and makes a useful yet memorable gift as you bring your wife the gift of relaxation and peace. 

8. Basket of surprise

As the name suggests, this is a basket full of Karwa Chauth gifts. Consisting of chocolates, teddies, flowers, and more, this is a blend of more than one gift that comes together to create a vibrant arrangement of your wife’s favorite gifts and chocolates. Many gifts in one, this basket unravels a multitude of emotions.

9. Chocolate bouquet

It must be rare for somebody to not like chocolate. With the many flavors available in the market, chocolate is amongst the most thoughtful ideas. Especially when they are the receiver’s favorite. We neatly arrange your gifts to make a splendid chocolate bouquet that your wife would love indulging in. 

10. Health combo

If your wife is health conscious and loves to eat the healthiest of foods, you can gift her a combo of various dry fruits, nuts, and berries. These make an amazing gift for conscious and healthy wives. There is also a choice of munchies that you can choose for your wife. We make the combo the way you want us to!