Whether you’re looking for a SUP or just want to take your first stand-up paddle board, BOTE has you covered. They offer everything from BOTE Board and Deus to rackham aero inflatable paddle boards and aero SUP paddle seats. Read on to learn more about the different models and features available for your board.

BOTE Board 

The BOTE Board stand up paddle board features an aerodynamic design. It is constructed of military grade PVC and features an adjustable seat back. The LONO Aero also has a removable top chamber. This stand up paddle board is ideal for beginners and is equipped with a paddle and rudder.

Maximum Efficiency & Fun

The BOTE Board paddle board is designed for maximum efficiency and fun. The streamlined hull and center fin allow for easy paddling with minimal effort. A KULA floatation device is also included in the board’s top chamber. This feature is great for short distance paddle boarding.

Innovative Design

The BOTE LONO stand up paddle board features an innovative design that is sure to set the industry standard. Its unique construction allows it to convert into a 12’6″ kayak in less than a minute. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel and easy storage. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for a fun new hobby, the BOTE Board is designed for you.

Fishing Boat

While the BOTE may be inflatable, its lightweight design keeps it safe and stable in the water. It is also easy to store in your car trunk and is even more convenient than a fishing boat. The lightweight design and portability make it a great summer rig. However, it does have its drawbacks.

Paddle Boarders & Kayakers

It is an inflatable kayak that can easily transform into a stand up paddle board. It has a removable center fin and is lightweight and easy to transport. It also comes with a carry case and hand pump. The BOTE LONO Aero is an ideal kayak for stand up paddle boarders and kayakers.

Easy-to-Use Seatback

The BOTE DEUS stand up paddle board is a versatile boat that converts to a stand up paddle platform in a matter of seconds. This SUP comes with an easy-to-use seatback that attaches to the sides with G-Rings. You can easily remove the seat and paddleboard seat in a matter of seconds.

Bottom of Inflatable Hull

When not in use, the Deus features a rubber keel that stretches from the nose to about half of the bottom of the inflatable hull. This adds structure to the bottom of the board and protects it from scraping the water or ground when rolling. The Deus also has a rear-end hole that allows water to drain and not collect. This means you won’t need to bail out the board every time you get stuck in the water.

Another great feature of the BOTE DEUS is its ability to convert from a kayak to a stand up paddle board. The inflatable kayak is designed to be an ideal companion for stand up paddle board enthusiasts. The patented Aero BOTE Board Coupons Code Technology means that it floats on top of water without being sunk. The removable fin also allows you to steer with your paddle. Lastly, the non-removable sides help keep the bow dry even on flat waters.

Lightweight & Portable Design

The BOTE DEUS inflatable kayak has an innovative design that will transform into a stand up paddle board in a matter of seconds. Its lightweight and portable design will make it an ideal companion for stand up paddle boarders and kayak enthusiasts. The BOTE DEUS is an industry-leading inflatable kayak that transforms from kayak mode into stand up paddle board mode with ease.

SUP Carry System

The BOTE DEUS paddle board is built with great consideration for comfort. Its seat is ergonomic and can be adjusted to any angle. The paddle board also features tie down points on the deck for secure storage. The Travelink(tm) SUP Carry System is another great feature for stand up paddle board enthusiasts. With this system, you can comfortably transport the board and paddleboard while freeing your hands to enjoy other activities.

This inflatable SUP comes with an ergonomic paddle, D-rings, and a camera base. It weighs between 17 and 25 pounds and is highly stable on the water.

Rackham Aero Inflatable Paddle Board

The Rackham Aero Inflatable Paddle Board is BOTE’s go-to board for big-time water excursions. This sturdy 12-foot board is built for stability and is able to carry up to 400 pounds. Its multiple accessory compatibility makes it ideal for anglers, surfers, and other adventurers who want to experience a whole new world on a paddle board. The board is available in three different colors and is expected to be available in mid-January 2022.

Accessory Mounting Points

Despite its relatively small size, the Rackham Aero features a large list of stock and add-on features, such as a magnetic cup holder, grab handles, and accessory mounting points. It also comes with a removable Sandspear anchor setup, Power-Pole micro anchor, and Rac attachments.

The Rackham Aero features a Paddle Sheath that screws into the nose of the board. It also comes with a Sandspear Sheath that anchors the board while paddling. The board can also be equipped with a Power-Pole Micro wireless anchor.

The Rackham Aero is a sturdy, dependable inflatable paddle board with a two-year warranty. It’s durable, and unlike other boards, it won’t sink in the water. The Rackham Aero can hold 400 pounds of gear without sinking. It has a convenient handle and a padded deck for comfort.

Durable Travel Bag & Repair Kit

In addition to a durable travel bag and repair kit, this board is equipped with an adjustable paddle and a pressure gauge. Its paddle is lightweight and durable, and comes with a center fin and adjustable, removable fin. It also comes with backpack-style shoulder straps and a pressure gauge for easy inflation and deflation.

Inflatable paddle boards are an excellent choice for fishing enthusiasts, because they’re portable and easy to store. In addition to its portable storage, it also features a wheelie bag for easy transport. You can also add a fishing tackle rack, which makes the board even more versatile.

Pedal-Driven Paddling

The Rackham Aero Inflatable Paddle Board comes with a seat for kayaking and pedal-driven paddling. The seat can be adjusted to fit your height and preferences, and there are also two Scotty rod holders. You can even attach your fishing gadgets to the board with the 14 D-rings on the seat.

Aero SUP Paddle Seat

BOTE is well known for pushing the limits of innovation, and the company has embraced this trend with the new patent-pending Aero SUP Paddle Seat. Its design makes it an ideal choice for those who want the stability and added versatility of a seat on their paddle board. Its two-chamber design is easy to maneuver, and it has a low center of gravity. It also features two large fins on the side for increased tracking.

The Aero SUP Paddle Seat is adjustable, and features a wide pedal foot platform and a cool storage pocket for paddles. It is also compatible with a Rackham APEX pedal port. The seat can easily be adjusted to fit both tall and short paddlers.

Innovation & Development

BOTE has a long history of innovation and development for paddleboards and kayaks. Its latest Rackham Aero 12’4″ paddle board offers two major upgrades: APEX Pedal Drive compatibility and the Aero SUP Paddle Seat. This means that you can transform your paddleboard into a pedal powered watercraft in minutes.

Beginners & Intermediate Paddlers

BOTE’s Aero SUP paddle seat is the perfect size for an adult and a kid. Its durable design makes it a great choice for beginners and intermediate paddlers alike. If you’re planning to paddle for a long distance, you can consider the BOTE Traveller or Rackham paddle boards.

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BOTE’s line of paddle boards features Aero Ultra Technology to make them easy to use. Made to withstand the elements, these boards are perfect for fishing, touring, fitness, and expeditions. They are durable and lightweight, making them easy to transport and store. If you need more stability, you can buy an inflatable BOTE paddle seat.

When choosing a paddle board, the width is also a key factor. Longer boards are faster, while shorter boards are more maneuverable. Shorter boards are better for kids and surfing. Having more space in the middle for storage is essential if you plan to take a stand up paddle board tour for a long time.

Final Words:

Besides a seat, you can add accessories that will improve your fishing experience. You can add a tackle rack or a fishing rod holder. If you want to bring a cooler with you on your SUP adventure, consider purchasing a KULA cooler. It’s versatile and comes with a five-gallon bucket and can be used as a cooler or bait well. In addition to a seat, the KULA cooler also comes with a rod holder and a cast net holder. The KULA cooler is a perfect attachment for any BOTE board. The KULA cooler is durable, lightweight, and easy to store.