If you are someone who works in the oil and gas industry,  you would know that while this industry pays you more than several other jobs, it also causes to be a threat to the workers due to the numerous explosions and accidents that happen everyday.  While you might get attracted by the six figure wages offered by the oil and gas industry,  you should also be careful at the same time about the hazards you are subject to while on work. The high pay of the oil industry reflects the several safety risks that are associated with the job. 

Due to the increasing number of hazards that have become common in the oil and gas industry, it accounts for the highest severe injury rates in the United States of America. According to an oilfield accident lawyer, all these accidents are preventable by taking a few precautionary steps.  Let’s take a look at what needs to be done immediately after and oilfield accident.

  • Inform your employer about the accident

Immediately after and oil and gas accident, you should inform your supervisor about the injuries you have sustained in the accident. Incase you take time to report this accident, this may result in losing your job or could also have a your capability to recover compensation for the the physical and financial loss. Be honest while reporting the accident and don’t exaggerate things. It is always best to write things down so that there is no chance of dispute later on. 

  • Get instant medical help to treat your injuries

Once you are done with informing your supervisor about the oil and gas accident, you  have to be prompt about seeking medical attention for treating your injuries.  The law demands that your employer makes sure that you get all the necessary attention that is required on the job. If you are on the lookout to achieve the best health outcome, it is necessary to properly diagnose your condition after the work site accident. Even though your injuries might not require instant medical attention, you should still schedule an appointment with your doctor in order to keep proof of everything that happened with you at your workplace. 

  • Get in touch with a knowledgeable oilfield accident attorney

By the time you inform your employer and seek medical attention, you need to know that a formal investigation of the accident has already been done. Soon after your report your injury, there is a formal investigation of the case.  depending on the insurance company that covers your loss, there  can even be multiple investigations, if needed. Don’t make the mistake of discussing things with a claim adjuster before speaking with your oilfield accident attorney. Since the claim adjuster will record all your statements, it is better to speak to him only after speaking with your lawyer.

Attorneys who represent the workers of oil and gas industry are acquainted with each and every step of the recovery procedure. An aggressive and experienced attorney will also assist you in finding the best doctors and Healthcare providers to meet your medical requirements.