Moving into a new home is synonymous with stress, and anxiety. There is a lot of planning that goes into relocating to a new place, from hiring the right moving company to making sure all the important things like documents, and jewellery don’t get misplaced, it is indeed a daunting task. Good packers and movers use professional packing services for almost all your household items, however, jewellery is something that you should pack and carry with you for safety reasons. Let’s look at some effective tips that can help you pack your jewellery pieces without causing any damage to them.

1. Packing bracelets and simple chains: Bracelets and necklaces are jewellery pieces of high value.  When kept together these can get tangled with each other. Untangling them carefully can take up some serious effort and time, and you may end up even breaking them. Drinking straws offer a wonderful solution to pack simple bracelets for daily use. All you need to do is to just pass the bracelet through the straw and then clasp the ends. This even helps you to keep the simple chains straight.

2. Packing gold and diamond earrings: Pill boxes are an ideal choice to pack delicate stud earrings. Place the earring pair in each slot, and then cover it with crushed jewellery paper to secure it in its place. You even get organizer bags for jewellery that helps you to hold earrings in a separate compartment. For dangling earrings, use a button to stick the earrings into the holes. This helps in keeping these earrings organized.

3. Packing chunky necklaces: If you have big pendant designs in gold then the drinking straw won’t be a help to secure them. For bigger, chunkier necklaces that are studded with precious gemstones, use a toil paper roll and follow the same trick. Once you have packed these, carefully place these in soft cloth bags, and then into the moving box.

4. Packing rings: Gold and diamond rings are the most essential piece of jewellery that women own, and often these are quite a lot in number. These can easily get misplaced, so it’s important to use a full-proof packing technique. We recommend using egg cartons to pack your gold and diamond rings. Take an empty egg carton, place some crushed paper in each compartment, and then place a ring on it. Cover it again with crushed paper. Once you have filled the case, carefully tape it up to secure all the rings in place. If you don’t have many gold rings, then a sunglass case also can be used to hold your rings. Wrap each ring in a piece of paper and then place it in the case.

On moving day, always keep your jewellery with you

On the big day of the move, don’t let the packed jewellery box go unattended. Most packers and movers don’t allow the transport of jewellery boxes in the moving van, because of their high value and associated risk.  It’s always a good idea to carry it along with you in the car. If you are taking a mode of public transport carry a bag pack along with you so that you can always keep an eye on it.

Once you have reached your new place, secure the jewellery first in the safe, and then go about unpacking the remaining items.