Due to high competition and excessive brands launched in the market, replicated designs are also introduced. The fake designers try their best to make a copy and ensure that no one can recognize it. But we are here to help you spot the difference between real and fake designer clothes.

Asian designer clothes are also replicated but reading this article can help you find real designer clothes. Stay tuned and read the article to find best solution!

  1. Logo

The logo is the easiest way to spot the difference between real and fake designer clothes. The logo design, company name, and logo colors will be exactly similar to the company logo. A small difference will be an indication of the fake designer. Besides this, fake designer clothes are without a logo.

  • Buttons

Asian designers use buttons with brand names or logos. The quality of the buttons is also good. Keenly observe the buttons and find either the brand name is engraved, or the buttons are cheap. In this way, you can identify the real and fake designer clothes.

  • Packaging

The branded companies invest money in packaging. You might have observed that quality packing makes the items stand apart. This is also a technique to spot the difference and recognize original brands easily. Look at the bag or box, the quality of the bag, and the packing quality, and then pick the designer dress.

  • Cost

If the price of any item is too good to be true, then admit that it is fake. Quality items and clothes are expensive because it worth it. Look at the price tag as if it has the company logo, the printing quality is good, the tag is original, and it looks generic. All such things can help you make a precise choice.

  • Spellings

Fake brands usually try to use the same name as the original brand. Thus, it makes it difficult for the customer to recognize it immediately. For example, Stylo will be written as Style, Bata will be Rata, and many others. So, give attention to the spelling. It will help you find the original items.

  • Fabric

Fabric quality is the first preference of real designer brands. The fabric will be soft, lightweight, and of fine quality. Moreover, the company logo and name will be on the fabric too. You can touch and recognize the fabric stuff to find the original brand.

Final Words

Studio by TCS is a worthy and original brand that supplies quality Asian designer clothes in London. Quality products are available online globally. However, if you are still confused about the originality of the brand then you can identify it by observing the logo, company name, brand color and spelling, cost of the product, buttons along with other accessories, fabric quality, and packaging. All such things are the easiest way to spot the difference between real and fake designer clothes.

We hope now you will be able to identify the fake brands and stay away from them.