Tongue tie, or ankyloglossia, can result in speech issues for children as well as difficulty breastfeeding as infants and dental discomfort. While some children will find relief without professional intervention needed, others may need professional assistance to resolve their labial frenum tightness issues.

Laser frenectomy offers patients a safer and more effective method for cutting away frenum than its traditional counterpart.

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Treatment Options

Tongue tie is an inherited condition most frequently seen among infants and children, most commonly seen during breastfeeding and speech development. It involves a tight connection of the frenulum to the bottom of the tongue that restricts its movement, often leading to speech problems as well as breastfeeding difficulties and sometimes leading to gaps between lower front teeth that require intervention such as frenectomy.

Frenectomy involves using a laser to safely and quickly cut through lingual frenulum tissue. This technique is much safer and faster than traditional methods; additionally, sutures may not be required and is less invasive; however it still poses risks such as bleeding, infection and scarring.

One way of releasing the lingual frenulum is with scalpels or scissors, an outdated approach with numerous drawbacks such as accidentally sear skin or muscle fibers while cutting, creating bloody flaps in both tongue and mouth during surgery, or puncturing blood vessels on the floor of mouth during procedure.

Frenuloplasty surgery offers another solution, using more extensive means. Here, a surgeon will trim the lingual frenulum so as to allow greater movement; typically performed under general anesthesia in hospital settings using surgical tools and general anesthetic. Complications associated with this procedure may include bleeding or infection as well as damage to tongue or salivary glands as well as reactions from anesthesia.


The frenulum is a thin strip of tissue connecting the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. A short frenulum may restrict tongue movement and cause swallowing and speech issues in infants and children; this condition is known as tongue-tie or ankyloglossia; however, frenectomy is a minor surgical procedure that may offer relief.

An effective solution for young children suffering from tongue tie is lingual frenectomy, as this will allow them to feed more easily and speak normally. A frenectomy is an easy procedure and can be completed when children are still developing; under local anesthetic it may also include inhalation sedation, oral sedatives or IV sedation for added comfort if desired. The surgery typically lasts less than five minutes with very minimal pain or discomfort during recovery time.

As part of an appropriate treatment plan for our patients, we may advise a lip adhesion frenectomy (frenotomy). This process entails cutting off attachments between upper labial frenum and gums/front teeth to allow normal oral and muscular function such as speech production, movement and swallowing.

Liguanectomy is an efficient, painless treatment option we often provide patients suffering from tongue tie or other oral conditions. At your initial consultation in our office, our professional team will discuss all available care options with you; including physical exams and reviewing any x-rays and images that might exist.


Tongue tie (ankyloglossia) occurs when a small piece of tissue known as the frenulum (FREN-yuh-lum) becomes too tight, restricting tongue movement. It can also be called lingual band or frenuloplasty and can easily be treated in dental clinic.

Fenotomy involves cutting or removing the lingual frenulum to free the tongue from its restriction. The procedure is quick and pain-free. While traditionally performed using blades, laser surgery has gained more traction due to its ability to maintain a clean working field and lower risk of puncturing blood vessels in the floor of the mouth.

Long-term effects of untreated tongue tie can include speech disorder, acid reflux, and changes to your upper arch and dental crowding. A fenectomy can improve speech, prevent lip adhesion and lower risk for gum disease.

Though infants and children frequently exhibit tongue-tie problems, adults rarely receive corrective surgery until their speech impediment or feeding issues require corrective surgery. We offer the fenectomy procedure for treating tongue ties in infants and adults alike – an affordable surgery which has remarkable positive impacts on oral health and function. Our doctors specialize in treating tethered oral tissues through this fenectomy procedure; performing many fenotomies on patients experiencing various issues related to their lingual frenums.

Lip Adhesion

Ankyloglossia affects nearly 5 percent of infants and can negatively impact breastfeeding and speech development over time. It’s caused by tight tethering of the frenulum connecting upper lip to gum area just above front teeth; food cannot easily move around mouth without difficulty and cleaning teeth becomes more challenging as food becomes trapped between teeth and lips.

Physicians or ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialists may perform surgical lingual frenectomy procedures that remove tongue from the floor of the mouth by performing surgical lingual frenectomy; this invasive process typically requires general anesthesia as well as sutures; additional risks include puncturing underlying blood vessels on the bottom of your mouth floor.

At Floss Dental Clinic, we offer an alternative way to address ankyloglossia by performing laser frenectomy in our office. This procedure allows patients to return home quickly with minimal pain or bleeding after having undergone the procedure.

This procedure is fast and safe, often taking place the same day that patients come for emergency dental work. Our specially-trained team has years of experience with newborn and baby tongue tie/lip tie problems as well as latching/feeding issues; providing advice to mothers, midwives and lactation specialists alike.

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