The Medics EHR software has many features, but there are also some limitations. For example, it does not allow you to attach documents to patient emails. There are also problems with the notes feature. Sometimes, it fails to save the data and has to be re-entered. Another major downside is that it is not fully integrated with billing. However, the price is not very high. It starts at $125 per provider per month.

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This EHR software is easy to use and install. You can have it up and running within a day. The features include user-friendly design, charting templates, scheduling and online booking, and easy access to patient demographic information. Users also praise the platform’s customer support and scheduling capabilities. However, there are some cons to this system.

EpicCare EMR is a cloud-based EHR system that caters to a variety of specialties. It offers a standard feature set along with optional specialty modules. The software also has a strong focus on patient engagement and facilitates remote care. It has an extensive patient portal and native apps for Android and iOS. It also offers a number of telehealth options, including video visits, remote ICU monitoring, and post-surgical follow-up.

iCare EHR Software was designed with the future in mind. It features some of the most advanced architecture in the industry. It also provides rock-solid performance. Its intuitive user interface and flexible functionality enable users to use it with ease. It also integrates with labs and mental health services. Its integrated billing capabilities allow you to view and take action on patient data.

Another useful feature of iCare EHR software is its ability to manage a population of patients. It allows you to create multiple panels of patients based on characteristics, diagnosis, community, or other factors. This feature helps you personalize patient information, which ultimately improves clinical decision-making.

Its cutting-edge design was specifically designed to address the challenges facing today’s medical administrators. The system is easy to use and compliant with all regulatory standards, and it has been lauded by many healthcare providers. It is also intuitive, and its user-friendly design makes it a favorite with staff.

The application is very easy to use and configure. It’s capable of concurrently processing multiple transactions without degradation in performance. It also charges a reasonable price per user. Costs start at just $149 USD per month.


TherapyNotes EHR software is a form-based note-taking system that’s designed for mental health professionals. It features a spell checker, security notes, and EMR capabilities, and is very easy to use. This system also supports secure document sharing. Its patient portal allows users to add appointments, documents, and demographic data. It also includes tools for billing and EDI claims. It can also securely store electronic medical records, including patient histories.

TherapyNotes also offers a calendar view, which helps you easily see recurring events and manage appointments. It also syncs with Google and Apple calendars. You can also customize the calendar to show only appointments scheduled by specific clinicians and patients. It can also be configured to send emails and SMS reminders to patients and clinicians.

TherapyNotes also offers unlimited email and phone support. Its customer support is available Monday through Friday, including weekends. It also offers support in Spanish and English. TherapyNotes EHR also has an online help center and training videos. It also includes helpful articles on billing and scheduling.

TherapyNotes also supports electronic claims and credit card processing. In addition, the system allows for unlimited user subscriptions and allows users to view patient financials and EDI claims history. Moreover, it allows for appointment requests, digital forms, and document uploads.

TherapyNotes EHR software has many features that make it useful for mental health professionals. Its calendar helps users manage appointments and to-do lists. Users can also set reminders for patients’ appointments. It also has a patient portal where patients can access their appointments.

TherapyNotes is a cloud-based software solution that integrates electronic health records, billing, and scheduling features. It is designed to be used by mental and behavioral health practitioners of all sizes. It offers customizable templates for notes and clinical notes, patient portals, and scheduling, and is compatible with many platforms. Furthermore, the software complies with HIPAA and PCI security standards.

With an emphasis on behavioral health, this software is designed with the workflow in mind. It also includes a built-in to-do list for efficient note-taking. Besides, users can also access client records through mobile apps. The system is also able to handle billing, insurance eligibility verification, and claim submission. Its client portal also allows clients to set their appointments online, improving the user experience.


Before selecting the best EHR Software for your practice, you need to carefully consider the features and functionality that your practice will need. This way, you can avoid settling for a generic application that is too general for your company. You should also take into account the type of staff members and customers you plan to serve. You also need to consider whether the system suits the size and scope of your business. By thoroughly evaluating different solutions and reviewing ADSC Medics EHR reviews, you can eliminate applications that will not fit your needs.

ADSC Medics EHR Software offers a number of advanced features, such as a patient portal and auto-fill features. This software also supports voice-to-text data entry and voice command navigation. Patients can use this platform to manage their appointments, view their medical records, and order their medications. MedicsEHR comes with customizable templates designed for individual practices. This way, you can create templates that reflect your practice’s unique needs.

The AdvancedMD software offers a variety of payment options, including a flat-rate subscription, per-encounter pricing, and more. If you have a low patient volume or are not yet ready to commit to a flat-rate subscription, you can opt for the per-encounter plan. This option allows you to use the software without incurring extra costs, and it is also one of the most comprehensive EHR software options. However, AdvancedMD does not offer a number of advanced features, such as insurance verification or faxing charts.

ADSC Medics EHR Software is a cloud-based program. Uses the HL7 standard to electronically port patient data between systems. Also supports remote visits and remote care. Offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. Its pricing is affordable and flexible, and it is available in monthly payments.

Electronic health records software can make it easier for you to manage patient care and provide a centralized database for all patient information with the help of Medics EHR. These systems can help you manage appointments, medications, and billing. They can also provide a patient portal for direct communications with the patient. The portal can help patients book appointments, view test results, and fill out necessary forms.