Throat pain is very irritating and uncomfortable, it can be caused by a number of ailments, it can be chronic and require immediate medical attention and treatment. Throat pain symptoms include pain while swallowing, which makes it difficult for you to eat and drink. In very severe cases, it may also lead to weight loss or other problems. 

While throat pain may seem like a common thing, it is advised that you should not leave it untreated, nor try to self-medicate. You can get in touch with the doctor online, or consult an ENT specialist in Raipur, who are trained to diagnose, treat and conduct all types of surgeries related to the throat, ear and nose. Let us learn more about the different causes of throat pain and their treatment.

Causes of Throat Pain

Listed below are a few causes of throat pain:

Viral Infections

Throat pain is the first sign you will notice when you are down with the flu, due to cold viruses, COVID-19, sometimes measles, and chickenpox may also cause a sore throat. Viral infections affecting the throat can be treated with antibiotics.

● Bacterial Infections

Strep throat is a bacterial infection which causes sore and scratchy throat. You should not leave this condition untreated as it can cause complications like kidney inflammation, heart damage or rheumatic fever. The tonsils may become very swollen in this case, making it difficult for you to swallow. If throat pain is caused by bacteria, it needs to be treated with antibiotics. 

Sinus Infections

Bacteria, viruses, and fungus can cause a sinus infection. Sinuses are a set of hollow cavities in your skull. This infection happens when infected mucus runs down the back of the throat causing throat pain.


Dust, mold, or pollen allergies are a major cause of post-nasal drip that contributes to a sore throat. Anti-allergen medicines and nasal sprays are a treatment for it. You must also identify your triggers and avoid them.

Acid Reflux

Stomach acid can enter the esophagus, the back of the throat, and the mouth when you are sleeping or in a resting position. Nighttime acid reflux is very common, and it may wear away the protective enamel on the teeth.

Environmental Irritants

Irritation can take place from dry, unclean air, harmful chemicals, or cigarette smoke and can cause a sore throat. It may make you prone to chronic cough and requires immediate medical attention. Wearing a face mask can significantly reduce your chances of throat discomfort due to environmental irritants.


It is an inflammation of your voice box caused due to overuse of your voice. It is particularly problematic for singers and people who use their voices as part of their profession. The condition causes hoarseness of voice and throat pain while talking.


This is a procedure in which a breathing tube is inserted into your airway and it can cause irritation that can cause throat pain. This procedure is done during certain surgeries, it is temporary and will usually go away in a few days after the tube is removed.


Throat surgeries itself can cause throat pain, like, thyroidectomy or removal of the thyroid gland, can be the reason you feel pain in your throat.

Other Medical Procedures

These include an endoscopy, in this particular procedure a pipe is inserted via the mouth into the throat. This procedure is also known as upper endoscopy.

Throat Cancer

Tumors, lumps or other sudden growths in the throat are associated with throat cancer and it can cause throat pain and discomfort which makes even talking very difficult. However, this is not a common cause of sore throat and instead of consulting with the doctor online you must visit an ENT specialist in Raipur at the earliest.

Treatment for Throat Pain

If you are suffering from a sore throat and it lasts for more than a week, causes difficulty in breathing, and no medicines provide relief, you must book an appointment with an ENT specialist in Raipur or consult a doctor online from any place you are at. Your doctor will rule out serious conditions that might lead to dangerous health problems. They will perform physical examinations, may ask for diagnostic tests, swab tests, blood tests or allergy tests, ultrasounds, MRI scans, imaging tests, prescribe proper medications or refer you to a specialist if needed.

Once the doctor knows the cause of your throat pain, he or she will be able to suggest treatment options, including: quit smoking, drink plenty of fluids, take oral antibiotics, antihistamines will help your allergy symptoms, painkillers, over-the-counter throat sprays can also help relieve your pain. Cough drops for cold related throat pain works wonders. You can find an ENT specialist in Raipur through the Bajaj Finserv Health app. 

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