Lip enhancement is a type of beauty treatment that helps modify the appearance, size, and structure of the lips. When you grow older, the lips get thin, and wrinkles appear on the lips. Lip fillers in Perth help you to regain those beautiful lips which you have once before.

Lip Augmentation Methods

Best Lip Injections

In this process, lip treatment is done with the use of dermal filler injections. However, topical anesthesia is done to diminish the sensitivity of the needle. The dermal fillers, when injected, release hyaluronic acid into the lips.

Lip Implants

It provides more permanent results than dermal fillers, but it is a more invasive process. Here two small incisions are done to secure the implants over the lips properly.

Know Your Options

In recent years, the government has permitted various hyaluronic acids for the lips. These new compounds are more effective than before. The new formulae give an instant effect and the volume of the lip increases. Now, the increase in the size of the lips also helps to improve the overall structure of the lips. Lip surgery is done with or without any anesthesia. You will be discharged home as soon as the treatment is completed.

After-Care Tips After Surgery

Your lips will become swollen after the surgery. Redness in the skin may appear, which is quite a normal situation. Do not worry about the side effects. You should stay calm and relax. You can compress your lips with ice cubes. It will provide temporary relief to you. It will also help to subside the feeling of itching and swelling. The doctor may advise you to avoid doing workouts for at least one day.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Also, try to include water-rich fruits and stay away from foods that contain excess sodium. Do not try to visit saunas or other facilities since high heat can aggravate the side effects of the lips. Finally, if you feel any kind of pain, then consult with your doctors and tell them whether you can take painkillers or not.

Final Words

These are some essential things that you should know before experiencing this surgery. You can count on Dermedica to get the best treatment for lip fillers in Perth. It is a reputed clinic and provides a wide range of services such as hair removal, double chin treatments, acne treatments and much more. Their cosmetic surgeon has served many clients, and they are all happy with their lips.


How much do fillers cost in Perth?

Dermal Fillers cost between $249 and $799 per milliliter at Dermedica Cosmetic Clinic, with packages available. The filler used is determined by the area being treated and can vary depending on the desired results.

The filler used is determined by the area being treated and can vary depending on the desired results.

What exactly is premium lip filler?

Using premium lip fillers, you can increase lip volume, balance lip proportions, and define your natural features. Depending on your preferences, you can achieve a natural or enhanced appearance. Thin lips, bleeding lipstick lines, asymmetrical lips, and anyone who wants plumper lips.

What is the best type of lip filler?

When compared to other fillers, hyaluronic acid gel lip fillers are widely regarded as the best for lip augmentation because they have been shown to produce consistent results, are readily available, and have a lower risk of adverse reactions.

What is lip filler or lip enhancement treatment?

Lips are more delicate than the skin on other areas of the face. The soft tissue of the lips is constantly moving and subject to dryness quickly. Lip fillers are injectable products that are made of a material that closely resembles a naturally occurring substance in our skin. Injecting them gives back hydration to your skin and lips, reversing the effects of ageing or adding instant volume.

Due to TGA restriction, we are not allowed to publish the different types of lip fillers that we use.

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