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Berlin Domingo, a lifestyle and parenting blogger, has learned to embrace life’s challenges. Her posts cover her never-misses and adventures, as well as her pursuit of happiness and contentment. She also has a new venture – the Society of Honor – which is a collaboration of people who are passionate about the Philippines.


A mother of five, Pehpot started her blog as a place to breathe. Since then, it has grown into a space to share home tips and ideas, as well as personal musings. She has even won a couple of blogging awards!

Mommy bloggers are among the most inspiring and entertaining people on the social media. They post various things on different topics, from parenting to balancing household finances. Mommy bloggers share their stories and experiences with other moms, and it is inspiring to read their posts. In the Philippines, there are millions of mommy bloggers. Read their blogs and follow them for daily inspiration and tips.

Art of Being a Mom

Mothers are experts in multitasking. From helping their children with school projects to balancing the household’s finances, a typical mom’s day is a busy one. Mommy bloggers use their blogs to share their experiences and thoughts to inspire other moms and their children. There are millions of bloggers in the Philippines today and these blogs help moms of today understand the struggles and triumphs they face every day.

Pehpot started her blog in 2008 when she was a stay-at-home mom. She didn’t have the opportunity to secure an outside job, so she decided to turn her blog into a way to earn money from Google AdSense and sponsored posts. Although she was able to earn a few cents here and there, the most rewarding part of her blog is the connection she made with other moms and fellow Filipinos.

The Misty Mom

Known as the leading parenting authority in the Philippines, The Misty Mom covers a variety of topics for parents. These include baby care tips and activities, nutrition for babies and pregnant women, parenting styles, and finances. She also provides reviews on products and services.


PNPcoda is the government-run website that maintains the record of vaccinations for the Filipino people. It is accessible to anyone living in the Philippines. You can log in using your email address or social media account. It is a very useful website to access information about vaccination and health issues.

The blog is written by two bloggers with diverse interests. The first one is a lifestyle blog. The other is a parenting blog. It covers different topics and puts the spotlight on current trends and advocacies. The blog also offers the latest news from Mindanao, recipes from Chef Boy Logro, and travel tips.

It can handle large amounts of information, ensuring the safety of its users. The site has highly effective security systems to prevent data breaches. Its content is highly useful for the general public and even government employees. It also helps government agencies in boosting awareness among the people.

Kath Rivera

Kath Rivera is a motherhood and lifestyle blogger who shares tips about parenting and motherhood. She has a passion for makeup, travel, food, beauty, and fitness. She is also a mother of five and loves to share her experiences and advices to other moms. In her blog, she writes about the benefits of staying fit and healthy.

The lifestyle of a mom is a never-ending process. Moms are constantly trying new activities and experiences with their families. The bloggers in the Philippines are the first stop for those who want to learn more about parenting. They share daily tips and experiences and share stories about their experiences.

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