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It is the crypto age. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Dogecoin are examples of cryptocurrencies that have entered common parlance. However, the cryptocurrency industry has a lot to offer, and its most recent development may be hailed as a step towards the future no less. Yes, we are referring to NFTs, or non-fungible tokens.

What is an NFT?

To fully comprehend NFT, you must first comprehend what fungible means. Simply said, if an asset can be swapped or exchanged for something else with the same value, like bitcoins, it is said to be fungible.

NFTs are unique and distinctive in nature, making it impossible to swap them for items of similar value. Homes, structures, and diamonds are a few examples of non-fungible properties.

As the name implies, NFTs are non-fungible digital assets produced by blockchain technology that are distinctive in appearance, functionality, and price. An NFT can be anything, including a product, a work of art, or a user experience. It is a one-of-a-kind digital collection that cannot be duplicated in any way. The opportunity to own something special that nobody else in the world can have is what makes NFTs so alluring in terms of distinctiveness.

Growth of NFTs

When the video game CryptoKitties was released back in 2017, NFTs made their global debut. In the game, kittens had to be purchased, raised, and traded; one could fetch up to $140,000.

Once well-known companies, musicians, and celebrities joined the bandwagon, NFTs experienced an unparalleled boom in popularity. The band Kings of Leon released their album “When You See Yourself” as an NFT, the artist Grimes sold her digital artworks as NFTs, and Taco Bell released NFTacoBell GIFs for the Live Más Scholarship—all of which exponentially enhanced the popularity of NFTs.

Now that regional and local artists, brands, and businesses have recognised the potential of NFTs as a way to boost their brand value and recognition among the general public, we may observe an exponential rise in the trading and use of NFTs.

How is an NFT Made?

Utilizing blockchain technology, NFTs are produced. First and foremost, you need cryptocurrency in order to construct an NFT. The most often utilised cryptocurrency for building an NFT is ethereum. To sell your digital goods or works of art, you must upload the file to an NFT auction platform like Rarible, OpenSea, or KnownOrigin. Assigning a hash value to the file as an NFT is made possible by blockchain technology. After being changed into an NFT, it gains a safe identity of protection and is simple to trade and utilise.

The following procedures are necessary to create an NFT, in brief:

  1. Purchase cryptocurrencies
  2. Establish a virtual wallet
  3.  Fill your wallet with cryptocurrencies.
  4. Connect your wallet to an NFT auction platform.
  5. Put your digital artwork online
  6. Create an auction
  7. Describe your NFT briefly
  8. Pay the necessary fees.

How can brands and businesses benefit from NFTs?

NFTs have proven to be a valuable resource for artists and innovators, but the potential they provide brands and companies are far more valuable. In order for an NFT to be one of the most effective ways to raise brand awareness and customer engagement, it should be a customised item that benefits the collector in some way.

NFTs can aid companies in bringing in significant and fresher sources of income in addition to expanding a brand’s reach. NFTs have the potential to generate enormous sums of cash through their initial creation, auction sale, and royalties in future trades. When it comes to maximising NFT trading’s potential for brands and companies, time is everything.

There are several ways for brands to ride the NFT wave, including using NFTs to give customers really original experiences. Therefore, it is wise for brands to consider “what is in it for the end-users?” before developing NFTs. For an art enthusiast, businesses can offer a priceless work of art by a well-known artist; for a sports fan, brands can offer an NFT that unlocks a gift or memento from their favourite teams; for a food chain, NFTs that raise money for a good cause (like Taco Bell) are just a few of the alternatives.

Why NFTs Should Be Used by Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing companies would be foolish if they did not join NFT marketing, the newest child on the block. To ensure maximum reach and benefit to your target audience, NFT marketing generally entails SEO, growth hacking, paid advertising, social media community building, and PR, all of which are typically the purview of a digital marketing agency.

To assist your brand enter the NFT market, your company must work with a knowledgeable digital marketing agency. Here are a few reasons why:

The experts are them

Digital marketing companies are knowledgeable about what must be done and how to execute it. A digital marketing agency can assist you in launching your NFT product into the market in the most seamless manner possible due to their level of experience and expertise in social media marketing, public relations, digital marketing, as well as the NFT marketplace, tokens, and blockchain technology.

They enable you to cut costs

The expense of hiring an expert to handle your NFT marketing can really be significantly more than hiring an in-house team. Why? Because a company’s internal staff can lack knowledge of or expertise with blockchain technology or NFTs, whereas a seasoned digital marketing company that works with NFTs will know how to approach it in the most economical manner.

They are up to date with fashion

The mainstay of digital marketing organisations is keeping up with current trends. Businesses can gain a lot from working with a digital marketing company to execute their NFT launch because they will be familiar with all the most recent NFT promotion tactics and NFT marketplaces.

They are competent

No one else can provide you with the professionalism and dependability that digital marketing organisations can. Professional digital marketing agencies can offer the greatest service for every dollar you spend introducing your NFT to the market if there is accountability and openness in the process.


Despite being a relatively new idea, NFTs are here to stay. NFTs, which portend the future of commerce, the arts, and technology, can help your company reach new and impressive heights. Utilize the limitless potential of NFTs, discover NFT marketplaces and tokens, and introduce your NFT products into the global market with the assistance of seasoned NFT  Marketing Company like Suffescom Solutions Inc.