A home loan is a brilliant and practical way to buy the house of your dreams. You can own your house and pay later in installments according to a plan. An EMI home loan calculator can help you understand how much you need to pay.  A loan can, however, cause a state of turmoil and worry. But it is not that difficult if you have your EMI managed efficiently. 

The best way is to use an HDFC home loan EMI calculator to get an estimate on your EMI. 

Once you’ve chosen an EMI under a trustworthy and practical plan, it will feel expensive. Here are some key points you should remember to plan your EMIs. 

Make on-time payments

When repaying your home loan, it is crucial that you don’t miss your payments. If you have opted for an auto deposit, we recommend setting the repayment date close to your salary day. With this method, there will always be enough funds for the EMI. Skipping payments can cause penalties that will increase fees on your EMIs. Missed payments also harm your credit score. So, try to make a habit of paying your dues on time. 

Use an EMI calculator

It is better to get the best kind of home loan as per your requirements. An under-providing or over-providing loan may cause more harm than help. Always pay attention to your EMI amount while taking a loan. As a general rule, keep it below 30% of your income. Use an HDFC home loan EMI calculator to get an idea of your EMI before sanctioning a loan. 

Use monetary gains to repay faster

Whenever you get a bonus on income, use it to repay part of your loan. Make the repayments the priority of your financial life. Cut down on other unnecessary costs until the payment is complete. Remember that you have to pay more interest each day that it increases. An extra EMI may sound challenging, but it will only help you in the long run. Reduce unnecessary indulgences like dining out. Try to live a quiet life until you pay all of your bills.

Increase EMI with salary

Paying loans on time is good. But trying to pay off your loan before time is even better. If you get a salary hike, be sure to increase your EMI. It will reduce your loan duration and save you money on interest paid. Always try to reduce the loan repayment period. Because the longer the period, the more interest you have to pay. You can use the EMI home loan calculator to check the adjusted rates and how much time it will take to repay the loan with the increased EMI.

Set repayment priorities

If you have more than one loan pending, start by repaying the loan with the highest interest rate. Personal homes should be at the top of your priority list. Personal loans have the highest interest rates, and the debt builds up over time. Start by returning them as soon as possible.


Loans finance many of the big purchases a person makes and provide a stable and efficient way to meet our needs without spending a fortune all at once. Banking and loans are essential for the economy too. A home loan is the best way to get your desired residence at an optimal cost, provided that you manage your EMI with care. There are home loans given to people for different kinds of buying needs. That is why home loans are popular as well as necessary. Always plan your EMI before taking a loan, and use an emi calculator home loan whenever you want to take an estimate on your EMIs.

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