Using visa gift card on Amazon instead of debit card is possible and quick. Don’t you need to get yourself into any complex procedures for this. Stay with this article and understand exactly the process within a few simple steps.

Got it?

Quick answer would be that you need to add visa gift card information during check out in payment methods after selecting the payment via gift card. Plus, you are also provided with option to balance your Amazon funds with visa cards. Take care of fulfilling the information correctly without missing any step to avoid decline or errors.

It has been observed that adding false information again and again sometimes block your card and found to be suspicious among Amazon. After it, you won’t be no longer able to use the visa cards here.

Here’s the step-by-step procedure to use visa gift cards on Amazon.

Guide to Use Visa Gift Cards on Amazon

Suppose, you are on Amazon and have purchased an item. You need to go to the checkout where you have to add bank details for payments. Right?

You will see an option at the end with heading, “enter a gift card or promotional code.” Below this, you will see a box to fulfill the option. Add the visa card number here which you will find at the back of your card. After adding, you might need to add additional information like address, expiry date and code.

You can also go to the manage payment methods and add gift cards as debit cards from there. However, click on add your card and confirm billing by visa gift card. Now, you are good to go and can use visa gift card amount for purchasing items from Amazon.

Pay attention – we strictly recommend you to add cards after checking their proper activation. Because inactive cards might affect your purchasing journey and impact the legitimacy at the exact moment.

Also, always first check the billing amount and make sure it is within the card balance. If it is higher, confirmation would not be possible. That was all about how you can use visa gift cards on Amazon. But if you’re not interested in it, you can also go towards the option to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

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