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So you’re getting ready to shop for a bicycle on the Bajaj Mall or some other reputed online portal but wish to learn more about the difference between women’s and men’s cycles (or unisex bicycles). The reality is that all bicycles can be unisex bikes, and the core difference between those promoted as “men’s bikes” and those offered as “women’s bikes” is only a difference in fit and size. 

Let’s take a look at the factors that make Unisex bikes an excellent option:

Unisex Cycle Advantage #1

If you are someone with short height, long legs, narrow shoulders and a short torso, then the ladies’ bike can be an ideal choice for your needs. If not, you can benefit from the latest Unisex cycle line of products as more and more manufacturers are getting rid of “women’s bikes” in favour of offering unisex cycles in a wider range of sizes. Don’t just limit yourself to “women’s” bicycles.

Unisex Cycle Advantage #2

The Shrink It and Pink It is a highly criticised practice (by a few manufacturers) of offering ladies’ cycles, which are the same as a men’s bicycle except smaller in size and made in cute colours. The whole thing was a marketing gimmick. Unisex cycles let you escape the typical ‘Shrink It and Pink It’ affair within the bicycle market.

Unisex Cycle Advantage #3

Gone are the days when female Casual riders and Commuters used to benefit from a Step-Thru Frame, as the defining feature of any ladies’ bike historically was this unique frame. As more and more women are venturing into different fields, with the growing changes in their dressing styles, they are no more restricted to wearing skirts. Instead of relying on an outdated, severely sloped top tube, you can instead opt for the modern Unisex cycle.

Unisex Cycle Advantage #4

With the latest Unisex cycle line of products, you get the option to swap components to build a better fit (or to make the cycle “Prettier”). When you purchase a cycle whose configuration is just a starting point, you can easily add a shorter stem, a women’s saddle or narrower handlebars. This is an excellent way to customise a unisex cycle according to your particular body type and needs.

For instance: you can throw on a matching saddle and grips for a mountain bike. On a road bicycle, add some colourful handlebar tape. Bike wraps are also getting hugely popular as they can completely change the look of a cycle frame. The sky is the limit when it comes to customising your unisex cycle to match your taste and style.

Unisex Cycle Advantage #5

There is nothing about a “unisex cycle” that should stop a guy from using it. In fact, smaller or shorter men (and teen boys) may often realise that a unisex cycle is the best fit for them. There are several leading manufacturers who are getting better at creating a larger size range of unisex cycles.

Most people appreciate this new approach for both women and men, as it lets the brands concentrate more on designing a broad range of options for a comprehensive range of body types instead of making it a gender issue.

Ladies’ cycle may or may not be the perfect match for you. Instead, opt for a Unisex cycle that fits your body. The tips mentioned above will not just save you time and effort but will enable you to make a well-informed choice. If you are delaying the purchase of your favourite unisex cycles due to budget constraints, you can purchase the perfect bicycle for men on the Bajaj Mall without the burden of paying the entire product price at once. Keep reading to find out more.

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