Some people play games on their mobiles simply to pass time while others might even find them stress relieving. There’s something about mobile games that attracts everyone no matter what age group they belong to. While some games can be played offline, there are others that require an internet connection to operate. If you’re subscribed to Spectrum cell phone plans or packages by other companies, you can easily play any online game.  

With advancements in technology, there have been massive improvements in mobile games as well at a great rate. These new and innovative games not only challenge our gaming skills but also the phone’s features too. While almost all games seem addictive after a little while, there are some that truly stand out.  

Temple Run

People consider Temple Run to be the original game of endless running. This game by Imangi Studios instantly captured everyone’s imagination when it first launched. However, later on, the gamer market got highly saturated and various other games within the same genre emerged.   

Candy Crush

Even after so many years since the launch of this widely popular game, Candy Crush is still played by the masses. This mobile puzzler requires you to match sodas and sweet treats within a challenging puzzle scenario. It’s safe to say that Candy Crush is one game you can expect your grandparents to play regularly. As you ascend on to higher levels, it becomes even more difficult to stop playing this addictive game. 


Fantasian is an original creation of the Final Fantasy creator himself. This first-ever exclusive JRPG revolves around an intriguing story. Filled with various interesting characters, this game depicts the setting of a gorgeous world.  

Angry Birds

You have to be living under a rock if you don’t know what Angry Birds is. This extremely addicting game involves sling-shotting the angry birds into random structures that are filled with evil pigs. This game series revolves around a casual puzzler approach and has remained widely popular ever since it was first introduced to the market.  

Sky: Children of Light 

Breaking the confines of day-to-day genres, Thatgamecompany is famous for adding splendor and wonder to its games. In this game, you and another player venture through seven realms and explore open skies in the breathtaking Kingdom of Sky. If you’re subscribed to Spectrum 1800 Number or packages by other companies, you can easily play any online game. Furthermore, you are required to restore the light of the kingdom’s constellations as you reunite with your partner and stay airborne.


Threes is a number-based puzzler that is simple and easy to play and pick up. For this game, you have to pair different numbers by swiping them in four directions. This game requires you to basically match the multiples of three. Whether you’re obsessed with beating high scores or you just want to kill time, this visually pleasing game is the right fit for you.  

Monument Valley 

Developed by usTWo, this game portrays a place that is slightly happier. Nothing tops this game in reference to this artistic and aesthetic design. In this game, you will face numerous charming levels that are to be solved. You can solve the levels by rotating the structures until you can properly line up the paths. If you find architecture, puzzles, and art styles intriguing, then this game is for you!   

Pokémon Go 

From cards to mobile screens, this game has continuously reached new heights of fame. The Pokémon Go mobile augmented reality game instantly became a huge hit as soon as it was launched in 2016. This game encouraged people to go out and hatch their Pokémon eggs by exploring new and old places. Moreover, since people would gather at actual locations, a lot of real-life friendships were forged. This game proved as a dream for those who always wished to be actual Pokémon trainers.  

Color Road! 

This simple game can get very addicting if played long enough. You need to control the moving ball while collecting other ones that are the same color and avoiding the different ones. But as you keep on passing levels, the difficulty level increases.  


Age is just a number and even more so when it comes to games. People of all ages enjoy playing games as this not only helps pass time but also calms the mind. If you’re looking for a list of the best ones you should be playing, then this article is for you!