Panchgani is a peaceful hill town in the Satara district of Maharashtra. The pleasant weather and the silence combined with the wilderness make this place an ideal tourist location to spend time peacefully.

You can find the river Krishna flowing through the farms and Panchgani has many wonderful viewing points that are popular for sunrise and sunset.

Here are a few places to visit in Panchgani.

1)      Mapro Gardens

2)      Lingmala Falls

3)      Panchgani Bazaar

4)      Table Land Viewpoint

5)      Venna Lake

6)      Sydney Point

7)      Harrison’s Folly

8)      Dhom Dam

1. Mapro Gardens

You can get fruit-based products at Mapro Gardens. This place is surrounded by lush greenery where you can find a restaurant, a chocolate factory, a children’s play area, a tiny nursery, organic edibles, and Mapro products in an outlet.

Afternoons and evenings are the best time to visit this place and try tasting the amazing firewood pizza with fresh strawberry cream. Mapro Gardens is crowded at the time of the Strawberry Festival and in the summer.

2. Lingmala Falls

Visiting Lingmala falls is one of the best things to do in Panchgani. This waterfall falls from nearly 500 feet and you will get stunned by the scenery and the amazing views of Dhobi and Chinaman’s waterfalls. Click a few beautiful pictures while it is drizzling in the monsoon season. 

3.  Panchgani Bazaar

This is a great shopping place in Panchgani. Home decor items, lifestyle, and fashion products are available here in this market. Locally grown products can be shopped at an affordable price.

You can get fruits like strawberries, litchi, and other things like jams and juices at a low price. 

Evenings are the best time to visit for shopping and to taste the street food with some fruit crushes and marmalades. 

4.  Table Land Viewpoint

The highest point in Panchgani is the Table Land Viewpoint, located at a height of nearly 4,550 feet above mean sea level. This is situated on a volcanic plateau and is Asia’s second longest mountain plateau after the Tibetan plateau.

The beautiful valleys of Panchgani can be seen from this ViewPoint. Tourists can enjoy horse riding in the evenings and can tour the feet and caves of Pandavas. You get a stunning view of the sunset near the lake. 

5.  Venna Lake

This lake is surrounded by lush greenery that gives a spectacular view. The calm and peaceful atmosphere on the lakeside makes this an excellent place for relaxation and enjoyment. Boat rides are famous here and you can also visit the amusement park that is exactly located opposite this lake. 

On the shoreline of this lake alongside, you can find people riding horses. The view in the middle of the lake is amazing, and you can spend a day shopping and eating at the Mahabaleshwar market. 

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6. Sydney Point

The wonderful views of the city of Wai, Kamalgad Fort, Krishna Valley, and Dhom Dam can be seen beautifully from Sydney Point. This place is one of the most prominent places to visit in Panchgani.

This viewpoint is located on a hillock that overlooks the Krishna Valley which is surrounded by thick greenery. Tourists visit this place to watch the sunset and this place is a prime sunset point in Panchgani

7.   Harrison’s Folly

Harrison’s Folly is one of the best viewing points in Panchgani. You can see Wai on one side and Panchgani on the other side. The few best homestays in Panchgani are located here that are affordable to pay. 

Homemade local ice creams that are sold by the local vendors are popular here and complete your trip by taking a go-cart ride and a road trip in Panchgani.

8.  Dhom Dam

This is one of the must visit places in Panchgani. A fantastic spot, located at a distance of approximately 21 kilometers away from the town, it is famous for water sports. Hire a scooter boat and enjoy sailing in the waters of the dam. Day and evening time is the best time to visit this place.

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