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Create a Strategy:

Before creating your branding video, you need to know your target audience. The demographics of your target audience will determine the type of content and length you should use. You also need to know where to focus your distribution efforts. It will be beneficial to create a strategy to reach your target audience through different channels.

The tone of your video should be based on your buyer persona, which you should develop over time. This persona will change from time to time, and in some cases, it will change several times. In the past, small businesses were under the impression that they needed to produce a TV commercial to be seen. They would hire a local videographer and ad agency. Then, after the commercial aired, they could expect to see new customers flocking to the store.

Create a Timeline:

A timeline is a great tool to use when planning a marketing campaign. It is a visual representation of the progress of a company over time, and helps people identify goals and achievements. To create a timeline, simply enter your data daily and then view it in a visually attractive way. It’s also a great way to track your goals and note desired events in the future.

When creating a timeline for your branding video eugene, consider the style of the video you’re creating. For example, a talking-head video requires few continuous shots, whereas a documentary-style video will contain multiple shots from a variety of locations. In either case, the more pictures you have, the longer it will take to edit.

Create a Budget:

When you decide to make a branding video for your company, you may want to create a budget. You’ll need to determine the amount of time your video will take to produce and how much money you want to spend. If you’re not comfortable doing video production yourself, you can hire a video production company to create your video for you. These companies can produce a high-quality video within a couple of weeks, usually for a couple thousand dollars. They will have their own equipment and may use professional voiceovers and animation software to make your video.

Create a Video Content Plan:

To get the most from your branding video, create a content plan. A content plan helps you determine how to distribute your video. The right mix of paid, owned, and earned distribution will spread your brand’s message and convert users at every stage of the marketing funnel.

The first step is to determine the call to action. This may be a clickable homepage URL, a “Click Here” button, a thumbnail of another video, or even a social icon. Choose the call-to-action carefully and consider your audience’s experience. The call-to-action should be presented in a non-distracting way so that it will get your desired results.

The second step is to determine the type of video you want to create. If you want to introduce your brand to a new audience, a narrative video will work best. Narrative videos are fun to watch, and they should be memorable. They should tell a story about your product or service and make the viewer remember the company’s mission.

Analyze Success:

One of the most effective ways to gauge the success of your branding video is by tracking viewer engagement with it. You can use a nifty little tool called Wistia to keep track of how many people watched your video. The average number of views per video is 4.14 minutes, and you can also see the total time a visitor spent watching it.

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