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In this article on IIT JAM Physics study material, we are providing you with the list of the best study materials for IIT JAM Physics 2023 exam. As we all know, IIT JAM is one of the most prestigious exams in our country, conducted by IITs on a rotational basis, and aspirants require sincere efforts in preparation to crack this examination.  

Good and systematic study material can help you in achieving your goal of scoring good marks in the IIT JAM Physics exam. In this blog, we are discussing the best study material for you for IIT JAM Physics. 

Importance of Good Study Material 

IIT JAM is scheduled to be held on 12th Feb 2023 and registrations will begin on 7th September 2022.  

Out of a plethora of study material available both online and offline, it is very important that the candidates select the best study material for the IIT JAM Physics exam. The best IIT JAM physics books can vary from candidate to candidate depending on their previous expertise and knowledge of the subject matter.  

  • Study material is as essential for preparation as healthy food is for a healthy body. Always collect the latest, genuine and syllabus-based study material be it books, YouTube lectures, or offline coaching notes for your preparation.  
  • Always use books written by well-known authors or as recommended by your mentors should be used during your preparations and study purposes.  
  • Good study material will also help you to chalk out your study plans as well. 

Here, we are giving you the IIT JAM Physics booklist recommended by experts and toppers is listed in this article topic-wise but before that first, let’s see the important topics for IIT JAM Physics. 

IIT JAM Physics Important Topics 

Candidates can go through the Important physics topics below in order to make their own strategy for preparations of IIT JAM Physics 2023 exam: – 

Mathematical Methods  Solid State Physics, Devices and Electronics  
Mechanics & General Properties of Matter  Modern Physics 
Oscillations, Wave and Optics  Boolean Algebra 
Electricity and Magnetism  Bi-polar junction transistor 
Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics  Simple Oscillation 

Best Books for IIT JAM Physics- Topic wise 

The following are the best books you can consider while preparing for the IIT JAM physics exam:  

1- Mathematical Methods: 

Book Name Author 
Advanced Engineering Mathematics Erwin Kreyszig 
Mathematical Physics H.K. Dass 
Mathematical Methods for Physics & Engineering Riley, Hobson & Bence 
Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences Mary L Boas 

2- Mechanics & General Properties of Matter: 

Book Name Author 
Concepts of Physics H C Verma 
Introduction to Mechanics Kleppner and Kolenkow 
Classical Mechanics Herbert Goldstein 
Mechanics D.S. Mathur 

3- Oscillations, Wave and Optics: 

Book Name Author 
Waves and Oscillations N.K. Bajaj 
Waves and Oscillations: Brij Lal & N Subrahmanyam 
Optics Ajoy Ghatak 
Optics Eugune Hecht, A. R. Ganesan 

4- Electricity and Magnetism: 

Book Name Author 
Introduction to Electrodynamics David J. Griffiths 
Electricity & Magnetism B.Ghosh  

5- Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics: 

Book Name Author 
Fundamentals of Statistical Mechanics & Thermal Physics F. Reif 
Thermodynamics Garg, Bansal & Ghosh 
Heat & Thermodynamics H.P. Roy & A.B. Gupta 

6. Solid State Physics, Devices and Electronics: 

Book Name Author 
Solid State Physics Puri Babbar 
Semiconductor Physics   Streetman 
Electronic devices and circuit theory   Boylestad and Nashelsky 
Digital Fundamentals Thomas L. Flyod 
Op-Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits Ramakant A. Gayakwad 

7. Modern Physics: 

Book Name Author 
Quantum Physics H.C. Verma 
Concepts of Modern Physics Beiser, Mahajan, Choudhury 
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics David J. Griffiths 
Nuclear Physics D.C. Tayal 

8. Boolean Algebra: 

Book Name Author 
Boolean Algebra   R. L. Goodstein 

Other Important books for IIT JAM Physics: 

  1. Thermodynamics by Garg Bansal and Ghosh 
  1. Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics by Frederick Reif 
  1. Tensor, Vector and Fourier Analysis by M.R. Speigel 
  1. Electrodynamics by D J Griffiths 

Mock Papers and Quizzes: 

Mock papers and Quizzes are an important part of preparations as they will give you an idea about paper patterns, the difficulty level of questions, and other important topics. So, you should attempt Mock and quizzes because: – 

  • By solving mock papers, you can familiarize yourself with the actual IIT JAM Physics exam pattern. 
  • You get familiarized with the duration of the exam. 
  • Quizzes help you in understanding the concepts more clearly  
  • Quizzes help you in polishing your skills on different subjects. 

You can solve mock papers and quizzes from Edtech platform like Eduncle. Which provides you with mock papers based on the actual and latest pattern of IIT JAM Physics examination. 

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Online E-Book: 

Candidates now also have the option to download the e-book as their study material. These are readily available online and easy for candidates to use. A different book is required for each subject and applicants cannot carry around the entire bundle.  

Therefore, these IIT JAM online books are easily available and accessible from anywhere. Candidates can download it for free over the internet and take her PDF file with them on their laptop or tablet.  

These eBooks are growing in popularity because they allow candidates to get information. 

Summing up: 

We hope that from the above list of books and suggestions you can study and prepare well for IIT JAM Physics exam and score well. 

We hope that the above information will be helpful for you! 

If you have any queries regarding IIT JAM Physics exam’s study material, please leave your query in the comment box below. We’ll try to get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Thank You and Happy Learning!