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Kakegurui Season 3

A student at Hyakkou Private Academy is the central character of Kakegurui. Instead of awarding students based on academic performance or even sports performance, they encourage them to develop their gambling skills instead. Umeko Jabami, a transfer student and compulsive gambler, joins the game when the worst players suffer profound humiliation. 

A little more than four years ago, the anime first debuted (it debuted on Netflix in 2018), and there are currently two seasons out of a total of 12 episodes. “Kakegurui xx” was the second season to air – and the third season is about to debut in 2021 since it has passed the date of the second season.

Plot of Kakegurui Season 3

In both seasons of “Kakegurui,” there was a note that could have concluded the series if no third season was announced, and fans tend to like Season 1 – and its conclusion – more than what follows (via My Anime List). Regarding what happened in Season 2, the ending is somewhat confusing. In fact, because the manga hadn’t yet caught up to the anime, the final episodes of “Kakegurui xx” weren’t based on the manga. 

It ended with Rei and Yumeko tossing coins: if she loses, she will be banished from the family and become a Batsubami in place of Yumeko, who staked her name: if she wins, Rei will become president. Yumeko sounds like she wins, but she goes on to lose numerous votes to others by gambling with them afterward. At the same time, Kirari is impressed with Rei’s determination and allows her to become human again and choose a new name. 

Possibly, the shonen anime will continue these plot threads in Season 3. Nevertheless, given how widely apart from the manga Rei’s appearance, it’s impossible to predict how closely events will align with the film’s subsequent chapters, which are expected to include another election drama and one at the Momobami family.

The Characters of Kakegurui Season 3

Unlike other anime series that revolves around love plots or rivalries, Kakegurui is about a relationship.

Unlike other anime series that revolves around love plots or rivalries, Kakegurui is about a relationship. In addition to gambling’s thrill, the show focuses on training its main characters to become the best in their respective fields. While the show also features some male characters, Kakegurui primarily develops the female characters. Below are a few of the main characters from Season 3.

· The Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami, the transfer student at Hyakkou Private, begins to cause havoc once she arrives. As soon as she notices an opponent cheating, she turns red. Her hair is waist-length and her eyes are burgundy. The cheerful nature of her personality makes her friends with the majority of her fellow students and makes everyone around her care for her.  

· The Kirari Momobami

A beautiful young girl, Kirari also has very light skin, similar to Yumeko. Kirari has long white hair and a passion for the color blue. A manipulative young woman, Kirari seems like an elegant young lady on the surface, but underneath her prettiness lies the ugliest of manipulations. Korari’s family operated this gambling hole, so Yumeko had no choice but to move here to start with. 

· The Rei Batsubami

The show’s second season focuses on the evil mastermind Rei Batsubami. As part of the Hundred Devouring Families, Batsubami holds a grudge against the Momobami. She joined the private academy after her family was expelled from the clan because of conflict between the two families. 

The Release date of Kakegurui Season 3

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There has yet to be any official announcement by Netflix or MAPPA regarding the show’s renewal status. However, the fact that a program appears on Netflix does not necessarily mean that Netflix controls it. Netflix does not have the right to renew the series even though it has licensing rights aside from Japan. MAPPA and the Japanese networks shall ultimately make a decision on whether the series will be produced. We should keep our hopes up, however that the renewal news will be delivered shortly. 

Considering the current COVID-19 situation, any renewal plans for the show would have been canceled. There is a slight chance that production will be shut down completely, but it will be slowed. Our best guess now has the new season premiering in the fall of 2021 or 2022, as opposed to the fall of 2020 as many had predicted.

Are there any episodes of this series that are dubbed in English?

It is available on Anime List and Funimation to watch the English-dubbed episodes of Kakegurui season 1 and 2.

Trailer of Kakegurui Season 3

There has not been any indication of a trailer for an upcoming third season due to the absence of renewal news. It is expected that trailer of this series will be launched soon.

Is Kakegurui over?

Kakegurui hasn’t been fully cancelled either, while we’re on the subject. Netflix is brutal when it comes to terminating programs, but we don’t need to fear because if Netflix chooses to do so, termination usually occurs quite swiftly.

Final Thoughts

It has received both critical acclaim and audience love, despite Kakegurui different arrangement from the manga. Continuation or cancellation is a possibility due to production issues. For this reason, it is better to patiently await the upcoming season.

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