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Blood Lad Season 2

It has been a long time since the airing of Blood Lad Season 1, and fans have been eagerly waiting for any news, rumors, or tidbits. Anime Web announced that an upcoming sequel would be circulated very soon.

It’s still unclear whether it will be another season or a completely new series but what we know is that there are already several petitioned online to make this anime happen, like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Fans also hope for this new next installment on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles along with PC Computers (Windows OS& Mac OS). It can also come in a cinema if some production company decides to back them up and offer their support.

The plot of Blood Lad Season 2

Throughout the first season, we were taken on a wave of emotions and significant phrases. After a season of battle and some drama, season 2 ends with a bit of a letdown.

Staz needs to completely take care of Fuyumi during his conflict with his father. In addition, he also faces uncertainty regarding the direction of the twist that will allow him to connect with Fuyumi.

Staz also struggles with his position in the world of culture. At the same time, his supporters aren’t happy about the way he handles their area. One of the most anticipated parts of Season 2 is Fuyumi’s transformation. They will get it out firmly once they have it in their human kingdom. Hydra’s excitement caused a problem for Staz, however. In the human field, they cannot function without her guidance.

In turn, Staz didn’t get much time with Fuyumi since a vampire invaded his nation, and Fuyumi ended up dying as a result. Even though Fuyumi falls, though she is modified into a demon, she continues living as a vampire.

At the news of Fuyumi’s death, Staz is angry and discouraged, so he decides to revive her body to return her to her former life, believing that he can also visit the human realm in the method. 

Yet, it reveals that it might not be as simple as it sounds and that Staz and Fuyumi’s ghost will need to go on a historical journey to discover magic strong enough to bring humans back to life. The series documents their trip to resurrect Fuyumi, which they undertake with the help of a powerful magician named Bell Hydra and a half-beast named Wolf.

Cast of Blood Lad Season 2     

  • Sally
  • Staz Charlie
  • Manjerou
  • Hydra bell
  • The wolf 
  • Fuyumi Yangzi
  • The Dek
  • Mimic Yoshida

Blood Lad Season 2 Release Date 

As for now, you can only wait and hope that you will be able to enjoy this new sequel as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there’s no official date yet, and they haven’t even announced the production of the anime, but we’re pretty sure that they’re currently working on it because if they weren’t, people would’ve been so much more upset than now. 

We know for sure that blood lad season 2 release date will happen as soon as humanly possible, so please try to be patient as much as you can and don’t lose faith in them. The official announcement usually comes 1-3 months before the airing date, so hopefully, it should be anytime soon. 

Blood Lad Season 2 Spoilers: What can we expect? 

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Rumors based on manga chapters indicate that as Staz Charlie Blood’s (his full name) dearest friend Fuyumi Yangzi was sacrificed by his older brother, and he finds it difficult to let go of her because, after all, they’ve been through a lot together since childhood. Fans are wondering if this could be another element in their relationship or something significant for their storyline in general. Another guess is that Wolf might get possessed by some evil spirit who will do everything to stop Staz from being happy.

It’s also hinted that Fuyumi might come back to life as a ghost or something of the sort, or she can even acquire a new body. Krause will most likely be on Starz’s side along with Wolf, and hopefully, they all work together to win this battle against Akim & co. Who are plotting their revenge right now and making evil plans for the world domination.

It has been confirmed that Akim’s sister (whom he murdered) will appear in Blood Lad Season 2, but we’re not sure what role she’ll play exactly – maybe some anti-heroine? And is it possible that we might see more characters from manga like Mamejirou, Dengu Dinga, or even demons like Rei (he seems to be quite crucial since he used to work for Akim) in the future episodes?

Blood Lad Season 2: How many episodes are there going to be? 

As usual, it’s challenging to determine things at this stage, so season 2 spoilers are only speculative. If you’re wondering how many episodes Blood Lad season 2 will have, all we can say is that they might continue the number from before, which would mean 15-16 attacks if the same pattern follows, but this is yet to be confirmed too. 

Anime Web has announced some possible spoilers about upcoming events to come out sooner than later. And whether you love it or hate it, you should know that the story will continue with or without you. Also, some people think that it might be better if they stop somewhere around here and don’t drag the story on for too long because we all know how so many anime series run out of ideas and get canceled after 10-12 seasons (plus OVAs).

Trailer for Blood Lad Season 2

Unfortunately, the season 2 trailer for Blood Lad has not yet been released. Moreover, it is expected that it will be available as soon as possible.

Is the second season of Blood Lad exist?

It is, therefore safe to assume that since 2022, there has been no news of Blood Lad’s second season. Among the most popular Japanese anime shows is Blood Lad. Regrettably, the series’ first season ended in 2016 with a number of unsolved plot points.


There is a possibility of an official announcement by the end of 2021. Having not rejected Season 2 of this show, it’s a spark of interest for all ardent fans who are eager to watch it.