If you’re responsible for taking care of a public restroom, these are the most crucial things you need to know about how to maintain hygiene and safety for public restroom visitors.

Increase cleaning, sanitization and restocking

First and foremost, in order to keep the public restroom clean sanitized and safe, you need to ensure that it’s being properly and frequently cleaned and sanitized. This is especially important for high-touch surfaces like faucets, sinks, stall door handles, doorknobs, and paper towel dispensers. According to CDC daily cleaning with water and soap will help reduce the germs and all the impurities on the surface areas that are being touched the most.

On top of that, you should disinfect the surfaces to kill germs at least once per day, or even more often that when the restroom is being used more frequently. Also, you need to check and restock your restroom supplies frequently enough. You want to make sure that anyone who comes into the restroom has paper and soap that they can use.

Install hands-free faucets

Speaking of high-touch surface areas, faucets are one of them and there’s a way to make them more safe and clean other than just cleaning the restroom regularly. Nowadays there are so many automatic options available that come with sensors and can be used hands-free. Faucets are now also available in this hands-free edition and you can easily install them in public restrooms too. They come with sensors located at the front side of the faucet so while you’re washing your hands underneath the faucet you will be activating the hands-free sensor making the water run as long as your hands are in front of the sensors.

By installing this type of faucet you will reduce the number of times people touch the faucet and spread out bacteria. Also, touching the faucet to stop the water defeats the whole purpose of washing hands in the first place, so this is an amazing solution to that problem.

Provide trash cans and hand sanitizers near the exit

Washing your hands may be an effective way to get rid of bacteria, but as was already mentioned it’s tough to go through the restroom and avoid touching anything. So, even after washing our hands, we are bound to touch a high-traffic surface area and keep spreading the bacteria. A good solution to that problem is to install a hand sanitizer in front of the restroom. That way, after closing the doors behind us, we can sanitize our hands since doorknobs are also of high-touch surfaces.

Also, making sure that there are adequate trash cans around the restroom and that they are frequently emptied is also very important. Make sure to include smaller trash cans in the lady’s restroom too so that they would have a way of disposing of menstrual pads and tampons.

Install hands-free soap dispensers

In addition to hands-free faucets, you could also install hands-free soap dispensers. This product works pretty much the same way that a hands-free faucet works. There is a sensor in automatic soap dispensers that detect your hands once you place them underneath and they pump out liquid soap into your palm. There are tons of great and affordable commercial soap dispensers that you can look up online and choose one of the automatic options to place in your restroom area.

Install a modern ventilation system

Lastly, the restroom is that one room where moisture and water can easily get all around and make the restroom a perfect place for bacteria to grow and spread. If there aren’t any windows in the restroom that can be opened to let some fresh air in, that’s even worse. So, make sure you have a proper air ventilation system set in place that will reduce moisture accumulation and keep the restroom clean and safe from bacteria.


In conclusion, keeping the restroom clean and sanitized is important for people’s health due to the potential bacteria spread that can happen in high-touch areas. Those surfaces need extra care and should be cleaned frequently. Solutions other than cleaning the bathroom regularly include installing hands-free faucets, automatic soap dispensers, and a ventilation system, as well as providing enough trash cans and hand sanitizers.

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