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Minecraft is a great game, but it does have its share of glitches. One of these glitches causes players to be stuck in the ground when they are in the water, which often renders them unable to move or get free.

How to escape from water?

When your character becomes bugged and cannot escape the water, the best action to take is simply patience. Your character cannot drown, and slowly their legs will become unglued from the surrounding blocks of water until they can return themselves up onto land safely.

As always with Minecraft, though, there may be times where your character’s legs remain bugged, and they continue to sink even after an extended amount of time has passed. If this happens, you can further break the surrounding blocks, where your characters’ legs are stuck, until you find a block that your character can stand on. If these actions above do not work and your player remains bugged in the water, there is only one other thing left that you can try.

Help from other players

To have any hope of being rescued from this glitch however, someone else will have to be playing with you or at least watching you as you play. At this point you will need a second person to interact with a piston near you to push your player’s body out of the first layer of water atop their legs so they have room for their characters body to expand back into its normal shape. If this action is successful it should free up enough space inside your character for them to be able to move again.

How to swim?

Do not feel discouraged, however. There is plenty of fun you will still be able to have in Minecraft even if you cannot swim at the moment. Stay positive and know that there are many unique ways for your character to transport themselves across bodies of water within this game. This glitch can be quickly dealt with so long as you remain patient and take the abovementioned actions. Do not attempt any further physical or combat-related actions if your character cannot breathe underwater or risks drowning, but instead, wait it out until help arrives by way of another player.

It is important to remember that everything in Minecraft can be fixed with time and patience, so do not panic too much if you unexpectedly find yourself stuck at or inside cold water. If you remain calm and take the steps of freeing yourself using the advice given in this article, you will be just fine.

Tips and methods to move out of water

In the world of Minecraft, there are a few ways to move around in water without drowning.

  • The first way you can do it is by putting on a pair of boots enchanted with Depth Strider. This enchantment will allow you to move faster and prevent you from sinking as long as your movement is swift enough.
  • Another solution for getting around in bodies of water is to use a boat made out of four blocks that have stuck around them. If all four blocks face the same direction, the boat becomes steerable. The good thing about boats is that they will never sink no matter how many times it hits an obstacle, but they’re slow compared to swimming and pretty useless if there’s no wind blowing against their direction. They also take up a good amount of space.
  • One more thing you can do is construct yourself an air pocket large enough to stand on top of it. This requires at least nine blocks of water, but the benefit is that there’s no surface above it, so you won’t have to worry about drowning or suffocating if you make it tall enough. You still need some propulsion method, though, since you won’t be able to move around in this bubble without one.
  • The final solution that is not a solution is building your underwater house into a dry spot with thick solid stone walls around the perimeter, then digging down into another body of water and tunneling an entrance. A safer alternative would be making your house out of obsidian since you won’t need underwater torches. This can work as an excellent base, but it’s one of the least mobile solutions.

Swimming in Minecraft

Swimming is a feature that enables a player to travel horizontally or vertically in any direction in the Minecraft world while underwater. A player may even swim across the surface of the Sea.

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What is the best way to control swimming?

Swimming is controlled with the ‘jump’ and ‘sneak’ keys; using the sneak key will reduce your oxygen consumption (you cannot drown if sneaking) while holding down jump while fully submerged will make you start swimming up towards the surface at full speed. Holding a spacebar while not looking forward makes you look forward, which can help you point toward land for this reason.

By default, press up twice quickly to rise to the surface, once to dive down and three times quickly to do a “super” dive down. It’s also possible to start swimming up while underwater. To swim down, look down, press sneak, or hold down. It is possible to swim against a current by pressing the jump + forward key. If the player presses on the opposite direction of flow, he will gradually gain speed until reaching maximum speed in that direction.

You can also use a bed to change your spawn point while underwater, and the player won’s re-spawn on land and in the dry state (not swimming).

How to break block underwater?

To break blocks underwater (e.g., when trying to build a bridge), Sneak + Right Click. The longer you hold down the right mouse button, the higher you smash blocks up from the seafloor. If you are underneath an open sky and standing still on dry ground with the surface directly above you, this method is over five times faster than digging with a shovel by hand or breaking stone with your bare hands.

Final thoughts

Developed by Mojang, Minecraft is a multiplayer video game. There is a lot to discover and develop in this game. Playing online games with others or alone is possible. Multiplayer options are available through WiFi networks on smartphones and tablets. Minecraft can be linked to thousands of online games, some of which involve fighting with other players. It is possible to move quickly in water by swimming in Minecraft.

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