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When you steal the cop car in GTA Online, you can select the Director Mode in the Rockstar Editor to become a cop. Then select the Emergency Services tab, then the LSPD tab. As police officers, players can assist the cops in the city once the game reloads. This mode allows players to help the cops with whatever they need. 

How to be a cop in GTA 5?

To become a cop, you must go up to the LSPD station on your map. A cutscene will occur and how you answer the questions they ask determines what type of cop you’ll be. If you pass their tests, they’ll let you come inside and start training as a police officer. Also, you need money for ammunition ammo prices are higher at gun shops, so don’t shoot unless necessary, or if your life is threatened, bad guys always have more than 20-30 bullets, so beware.

Gather the material you need

But now, back to being a cop, let’s say you passed their tests. They’ll give you some new cop clothes and let you do some fun things, but first, go to the gun store and grab some ammunition. It is recommended either pump shotgun or assault rifle, not sniper because cops can catch you while you are on top of a building sniping people, plus it’s hard to hit them with sniper bullets.

After that, head back to the police station, then you get all your cop stuff to equip it, then get in the car put on your siren. This will make traffic move out of the way. Now hold down on the R3 button for about 3 minutes press square once now let go of R3 watch as cars start driving away from you very fast! You can also arrest people by getting close enough to them and holding L1 & R1. Now watch as the bad guy gets tased for about 30 seconds.

Arrest the people                                                 

To arrest people without tasing them, just press X when near them you can also ask gang members to follow you to get their red circle icon on a map go up to an icon and press D-pad right note, this only works with gang members you have not done any favors for. When asking a gang member to go somewhere, he is more likely to say no if you complete his favor successfully, then they are more likely to follow you when asked.

Do not kill innocent people

Also, you should try not to kill innocent people even if you are shooting at someone else because chances are your bullets will go through their body and hit another person, sometimes killing them instantly. Killing pedestrians can be done but don’t overdo it like ten killings in like 2 minutes because that causes wanted level plus cops will know your location by looking on the map, which makes getting rid of wanted level harder make sure there are no cops nearby first before engaging in combat with bad guys. Try not to shoot people unless necessary, or if your life is threatened, you can still tell the cops that these people were armed, which will decrease the wanted level if they ask.

Stay away from police

Also, make sure to use cover as much as possible because bullets from bad guys do a lot of damage, and they also have better weapons than you, so hiding behind cover is recommended when choosing gun battle with them. The best way to deal with cops is to get rid of them from a safe distance away from where they lie. Don’t try damaging them or destroying their cars because there’ll be more waiting for you at the following location. They are very accurate shooters, so it’s not worth trying unless you are skilled enough in shooting, driving, flying, etc.

One last thing it doesn’t break laws like speeding & running red lights because that causes minor wanted levels, which makes you easier to catch. Sometimes cops set up roadblocks or use spike strips to deal with you. If they think you’re trying to get away. If this happens, either wait for them to go away or shoot them down with guns.

Cop in GTA 5 online

Trying to be a cop in GTA 5 Online is possible, but not easy. You can do some heists on your own or with some friends, but once you’ve completed the last Heist Finale (The Pacific Standard Job), there’s no need to be a police officer anymore.

However, after the second Title Update for GTA 5 came out, more players aim to become cops since you’ll receive different benefits if you choose this path. Also, after the 2nd patch making money became easier too, so more people started focusing on stealing cars and doing other activities instead of earning GTA$ through missions alone.

What are the benefits of being an LSPD officer?

  • A Cop Uniform.
  • The ability to call for Police backup.
  • Request Police Vehicles from street level to air support.
  • Ability to use Police Bribes, which will prevent you from being wanted for a short period.
  • Ability to request LSPD officers as a friend to protect each other if they get into a fight or need help with some enemies.

To become an LSPD cop in GTA Online, you have first to go online and purchase yourself a new apartment. However, that’s not where your journey will end since you’ll also be required to spend a total of 5 million dollars on armor and weapons before even considering going on duty. It might sound ridiculous, but it’s necessary! This is because when going out onto the streets while off duty, you’ll be targeted by criminals if they see your uniform and hear the siren of your cop car. So it’s tough to do anything without protection, so purchasing armor and having a powerful gun is essential for this reason alone.

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Find the best location

After buying an apartment and some weapons and armor, head over to the Los Santos police department on your map; you can find it Downtown near the Vespucci Canals (try stealing a cop car with a friend). When you arrive there, go inside and talk to one of the people at the reception desk. They will give you different tasks and show you the different offices available such as forensics or tactical squads. You can become part of those departments, but we recommend staying uniform.

Safety and Respect:

While role-playing as a cop in GTA 5 can be entertaining, it’s essential to prioritize safety and respect, both for yourself and other players. Avoid engaging in toxic behavior or harassing other players, and always adhere to the game’s terms of service. Additionally, remember that not all players may be interested in participating in your role-playing activities, so be mindful of others’ preferences and boundaries. By promoting a positive and respectful gaming environment, you can enhance the enjoyment of everyone involved in the experience.

Training for cop in GTA 5

You’ll need to complete five levels of police academy courses before you’re allowed to patrol solo. Each level consists of different objects such as catching criminals, retrieving stolen cars, etc. You can do it alone or with friends, but we recommend doing it all by yourself, so you get the whole experience and upgrade your cop skills faster than ever before.

After completing Police Academy, there’s no more progress unless you get promoted to either the SWAT division (a special police division that specializes in riot control) or Detectives (stopping crimes from happening in the first place). Again these are optional departments but highly recommended due to their ability to use up-to-date weapons and armor against criminals.

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