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The employment lawyer service in Canada offers individualized advice and representation in employment disputes. Many lawyers specialize in employment law and should be experienced and knowledgeable in this area. Free legal services are available through the Canadian government. These services are confidential and offered through phone or email. Some programs offer free legal advice for a specific period of Employment lawyers. These services can be valuable for people who can’t afford to hire an attorney. These services are often provided by a single lawyer, but you must know how to choose the best one for your situation.

National practice

If you’re looking for a top-notch employment lawyer in Canada, we are an excellent choice. The firm’s national practice includes experts in labor, employment and workplace issues. The firm’s employment lawyers are experienced at handling workplace disputes and are regularly consulted by multinational termination without cause Ontario. Their Toronto office is led by Andrew Bratt, a 22-year firm veteran. Other members of the Toronto team include Bettina Burgess, who focuses on employment law, and Khiam Nong, who regularly assists with workplace issues.

The firm’s Hamilton office is seeking a General Manager to oversee the firm’s operations. Reporting to the firm’s national Chief Operating Officer, the General Manager is responsible for all aspects of office operations, including marketing, business development, and office services. The role will also include coordinating the business services team and ensuring that appropriate service and support is provided by all functional areas. The firm’s structure has a matrix-style organizational structure.

Employment lawyers

Lawyer service

The Toronto-based employment lawyer service, We are a great place to go if you are looking for legal help with a claim against your employer. Its 14 employment lawyers are committed to helping employees with legitimate claims and encouraging employers to do the right thing. The firm has been helping employees and has helped thousands of people get what they deserve in the workplace. Our Law offers free consultations, and its website is updated regularly with the latest information on employment-related issues.

The Ontario has a robust set of employment laws that protect employees’ rights. The law firm, Monkhouse Law, is one of the only ones in Canada to focus on employment law. The firm’s employment lawyers have a passion for helping employees and has developed a service called Employee Class Actions. This service is dedicated to helping workers in the Economy fight for their rights. For example, Airbnb and Sidecar are notorious for classifying employees as independent contractors and undermining their ability to receive benefits.

Good law firm

If you are looking for a good law firm for your employment needs, look no further than. This prominent law firm in Canada has a renowned employment law team. This team offers services for the full spectrum of labor and employment law issues, including complex litigation and workplace investigations. Our office often advises large national and international companies in a wide range of industries, including financial services and oil and gas.

In Calgary, We are focusing on the employment and privacy aspects of major business transactions. Thiessen also offers employment law advice and representation to businesses in employment disputes. Another accomplished employment law lawyer, who splits his time. We were promoted to partner in 2021 and have a broad practice. We regularly advise employers on labor and employment law issues and are involved in high-profile M&A transactions. His experience has helped him successfully handle wrongful termination litigation.

Business law

Lawson Lundell LLP is one of the largest business law firms in Vancouver. The firm handles projects and transactions in key economic sectors throughout Canada. They are known for their expertise in commercial law and provide advice on areas such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, banking and real estate, pensions, and employee benefits. With offices throughout Canada, they have a wide range of legal services to offer their clients.

Lawson Lundell LLP has one of the largest employment practices in British Columbia, offering legal services for all types of contentious and non-contentious employment matters. The firm’s team includes Robert Sider QC, who specializes in day-to-day labor issues as well as employment aspects of commercial transactions. The firm also has a broad range of employment litigation and regulatory expertise. Expertise includes advising clients at all levels of court and advising on related employment issues. Other employment practice of the firm includes Deborah Cushing, who has a broad practice, and Ryan Berger, who concentrates on employment litigation.

Employment lawyers

Employers and executives

Employment lawyer service in Canada is a virtual law firm that advises employers and executives on workplace legal issues. It specializes in helping bosses create and manage their people systems. In addition to offering legal advice, We help businesses develop and improve their policies. To learn more, visit their website. Read on to learn how SpringLaw can help you protect your business and employees. In addition to providing legal advice, this Canadian firm also helps employers create a positive work environment and culture.

The employment lawyer service is an excellent choice for employers in Canada. The lawyers at this virtual law firm are all female and specialize in employment law. They can help clients with a range of workplace issues, from hiring to managing a disability and terminating a job. In addition to offering legal advice, their flexible schedules make it easy for them to serve clients from anywhere. They also provide legal advice in every area of human resources management, helping to protect the rights of both the employee and employer.