Diwali is already here! How can we overlook the folks with whom we spend the majority of our days?   You are certainly correct if you assume that we are making a reference to your loyal group of clients, staff members, and employees. While maximum business organizations like  to give their employees gifts only out of obligation and not out of a genuine desire to do so, this is precisely what is evident when they provide gifts in the name of anything. However, a company that genuinely cares about its employees would make sure to spoil them with Diwali gifts that aren’t only mementos but also useful too. 

Here is a list of Diwali gifts for employees to help you choose the perfect gift for your support system at your workplace. 

Home utility equipment

A good home utility appliance will help complete your employees’ household  work  far more effectively. Therefore, appliances like a microwave, washer, vacuum, iron and ironing board, etc. would make good Diwali gifts.

Dinnerware and crockery

Who doesn’t like to flaunt beautiful crockeries and dinnerware at get-togethers?  Dinnerwares and crockeries are  affordable yet useful  gifts for Diwali. Other kitchenware such as saucepans, frying pans, pressure cookers, etc. would encourage people to experiment with their culinary techniques.

Executive gift sets

If your employees struggle to get ready every day for work, dress them up with an executive combination gift. Get them a chic tie, cufflinks, and keychain that come in a gift box this Diwali to surprise them.

Gift Cards

When in question about what to give your employees that they would utilize, proceed without thinking and choose a gift item from a well-known brand. It could be a brand of clothing, shoes, or even eyeglasses.

Dry Fruits box

A nutritious mix of dry fruits, such as cashew nuts, raisins, pistachios, almonds, etc., would make a wonderful Diwali gift that would be satisfying, nutritious, and unquestionably beneficial. Dry fruit boxes are one of the most easily accessible Diwali gift hampers. 

Sweets box

Every Indian has a passion for desi sweets like rasgulla, kaju katli, soan papdi, etc., so when your employees receive them, they will eat them all at once. You can also add candies and chocolates too. 

Handcrafted chocolates

It is universally accepted that chocolates are one of the most commonly accepted gifts. And if it is curated with love and care? it will undoubtedly find its way into your employee’s heart. You can take a box and decorate it with ribbons and colorful strings and add chocolates to it. You can also find cake and more items here.

Comforters, quilts, and blankets

Once the Diwali season is over, winter will be upon us with lightning speed. As a result, many of your employees who are staying at their PGs or away from home may like to have a brand-new, soft blanket, quilt, or comforter.

Latest glassware

Everyone loves to handle glassware with care since it has a cool, refined aesthetic. It makes the dinner table even more beautiful and makes one’s guest feel more impressed.


A durable and functional Diwali gift! A watch would be a practical gift that would also serve as a beautiful reminder to help your employees realize that “time is of the essence” or the value of time.  You can even personalize a watch with your employee or staff’s name initials. 

Travel Bags

Everyone enjoys traveling, right? Exactly for this reason, it is better  giving travel baggage bags to your employees as Diwali gifts. It could be designed like a trolley or even a duffel bag. Travel bags are multipurpose in nature and can be used for a very long time. 

Tech devices

A tech gadget or gizmo might be an  ideal gift  if you want to treat your employee or staff, who is a gadget freak. You can give someone a wristwatch, Bluetooth speaker, or any other device based on the latest technology. 

Succulents and Bonsais

Succulents and bonsais can be a lovely addition to your employees’ gardens at home or even to their workstations. These kinds of plants are said to improve the ambience of the place where they are kept, they also help in  effectively managing the stress of the workplace.

Set of Scented Candles

A perfumed candle set will brighten their day and help them in calming their mind, body, and spirit at the end of the day to wash away all the office strain and worries. Vibrant coloured scented candles are a perfect Diwali gift.