Believe it or not, kids do look out for having an enjoyable bath time with their parents. Even though it can be challenging for parents to have a way of washing their little ones’ wriggly bodies, it can be a perfect way of bonding with your child. In fact, for toddlers having a fun time with you in the bathtub is their favorite highlight of the day; why not use that to your advantage.

Since most kids hate water early in their days, it’s your job to help them make friends with water enough, so they yearn for it endlessly. The only way to do that is by adding a little fun, excitement, and happiness into it so your toddler or kid starts taking it as parent-child bonding time. Instilling some games, toys, and lots of bubbles in the bathtub is the recommended way to go around it. 

Bathtub time Tips: Creating a Fun Bathing Experience for Babies, Toddlers, and Kids

Since making the bath time amiable and fun for your little one is on our agenda, let’s break it down for babies and kids separately. Because, beyond your love, affection, and care, children have different needs.

Bathtub Time for Newborn Babies

The funny thing is making babies bath is hard as they start crying aloud as soon as you bathe them. There are many reasons why do they react like that. But whatever the reasons might be. There are ways to make their bathtub time more enjoyable.

Make it short and Sweet – While kids may enjoy their bath time, babies often don’t like it. As soon as you try to wash them, they start crying. Therefore, it is a good idea to make it as short much as possible. So, instead of going for a detailed bathing session with your little one, try making it quick and short before they start crying their way out. 

Add bubbles and foam to the Bathtub water – It’s not just the elders who love a bubble bath. Babies have other reasons to love it. Because babies might not be attracted to toys as much as they love bubbles and foamy water, make sure you use tear-free soaps and shampoo that don’t harm your child’s delicate skin in the least. 

Sing them lullabies – Who does not like singing? It’s the same for babies. They often enjoy songs, and you can sing for them while bath to make them calm and enjoy the experience. Newborn babies hardly even stay put in the water unless they are distracted by songs. You can either play some calming bathtub tunes or sing songs yourself to keep them hooked to you.

Keep splashing – it may seem plausible for kids; splashing is the way it works with babies. Once they figure out how the thing works, they won’t stop slamming their tiny hands in the water. 

Bathtub Time for Toddlers and Kids

You might need to adopt some newer and better tactics once your little ones turn of age. But that doesn’t mean you can take the fun out of it. 

Bring them toys that bring out the creativity – kids start using their hands and feet more when they are a little grown up, and it is best to offer them a way out. Let them bring crayons, washable books, and reusable stickers for bath time. 

Equip yourself with some fantasy stories – Toddlers can do an amazing job while having some imagination. You should strike your toddler’s imagination by fostering a fantasy in their minds. You won’t have trouble washing their bodies while they are immersed in their imagination.

Bring them to your bathtub – Although child tubs are best suited for the job, it does not harm taking them to experience your tub once in a while. You can give them a bath at the same time as yourself, they will feel safer and calmer while bathing with you, and you will have a great bonding with your child at the same time.

Add in more toys – In addition to the carrions, books, and stickers, you are free to let them bring more toys during their bath time. Why not bring some superhero toys to make them sit in the bathtub? You will surely need to take care of their likes and dislikes for it as well.

Serve a Treat – The best way to keep them motivated for the next bath time is to treat them at the end of every successful session, so they look forward to the next session. It works when all other ways to make them love baths.

Final Thoughts.

Baths may not be all fun for most kids. However, by following our tips, you can make your babies and kids love the bath again. Not only will it be super fun and time for relaxation for them, but it will be a great way to improve mother-child bonding.