As they say, “modern problems need modern solutions”. Similarly, today’s shoppers need equally smart and intelligent mobile apps for shopping. They want the convenience of doorstep delivery and shopping from anywhere; at the same time, they also want personalized experiences.

Mobile apps can make all of it happen. But, what benefits does eCommerce mobile app development possess for businesses? Let’s talk about the advantages of eCommerce app development elaborately.

Advantages of eCommerce Mobile App Development

1.      Personalized shopping experience

It is often said that personalization is missing in the case of online shopping. But this problem can be addressed by developing intelligent mobile apps. With technologies like AI (Artificial intelligence) and machine learning, these mobile apps can learn much more about the shopper’s needs, preferences, browsing time and habits, purchasing behavior, etc.

Shoppers are logged in throughout the day and much information can be collected that is eventually used to personalize customers’ shopping experiences. Apps can recommend such preferred items to customers thereby elevating the customer experience.

2.      High conversion rates

Ecommerce mobile apps can result in high conversion rates and better revenue. Businesses have plenty of sales and marketing tactics that they can apply to boost the conversion and sales rate. For instance, the Myntra mobile app has introduced this new concept of M-Live where lifestyle influencers show different products to customers for a unique and more informed shopping experience.

The concept is to boost the sales of specific products and generate high conversion rates. There can be numerous such efforts that can help increase the conversion rate.

3.      Elevated brand recognition

Whether it is a brick-and-mortar store or an eCommerce website, mobile apps create better brand recognition opportunities comparatively. Businesses can use push notifications to constantly engage with their customers, spread awareness of their brand, leverage social media to spread the word, and more.

Subsequently, the user experience and engaging UI will likely create more recognition for your brand. The use of prominent colors and relevant content can further help shoppers get familiar with your brand.

4.      Improved retention rate

When you invest in eCommerce app development, you aim to retain customers in your mobile app to improve your chances of conversion. With an eCommerce mobile store in place, you have multiple ways to improve your retention rate –

  • Create engaging content for your eCommerce store.
  • Use high-quality images for the products.
  • Timely consumer support can solve various customer problems.
  • Optimized user experience can help with the retention rate.

5.   Low cart abandonment rate

The problem of cart abandonment gets as real as it could. Most shoppers abandon products in their cart, owing to a number of reasons. It could be – high costs, complicated/lengthy checkout process, shipping fee, or any other reasons.

With features like push notifications, auto-fill forms, and a simplified checkout process in a mobile app, businesses can significantly lower their cart abandonment rate.

6.   Building a loyal customer base is easy

Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses take pride in having a loyal customer base, but what if we told you your eCommerce mobile app can also help build loyal customers? An eCommerce mobile app is a great way to earn loyal customers for your brand.

Whether it is offering them a one-time welcome bonus, sending push notifications for limited-time offers and discounts, providing them offline access, or the option to earn a referral bonus, all of these options can help you earn a loyal customer base.

You can also get these customers to subscribe to the newsletter and inform them of what’s new with your brand for better engagement.

7.      Multiple payment options

Multiple payment options and contactless payments have grown to be more popular in recent years. Especially since the pandemic caused havoc in everyone’s regular life, the need for contactless payments has gained immense popularity.

Shoppers purchasing products via mobile apps prefer various contactless payment options such as internet banking, credit and debit cards, Paypal payments, UPI payment facility, etc. Businesses can cater to a wider audience section with a variety of payment options in place.

8.      Detailed analytics

Tracking and accumulating insights on shopper’s app usage statistics can be quite beneficial for any eCommerce business. They get to analyze useful information such as how users respond to certain content, audience composition, session length, feedback, user reviews, etc.

Such information can help businesses custom create experiences for their target audiences. Be it providing personalized shopping experiences or tweaking their marketing strategy, it serves more than one advantage.

9.      Improved customer experience

Various advanced technologies like AR, VR, AI, machine learning, etc. can work in your favor to elevate the customer experience. For instance, the AR function used in apps like Flipkart can help you see how a particular piece of furniture would look in your home setting using the camera.

Similarly, AI-powered chatbots can assist in elevating the customer service experience greatly. The sophisticated chatbots can reduce the cost of support while providing your customers with better and quick solutions.

10.  Better marketing opportunities

A mobile app is easily accessible and shoppers can anytime open and use it to shop. With that, it is needless to say that you have immense marketing opportunities to connect with your target audience and encourage them to try your products and services. Push notifications, email offers, social media promotions, and ads; are all some promising options for a brand to market their products to potential customers.

An eCommerce mobile app is a weapon for businesses trying out the online shopping sector. There are immense opportunities for businesses and with the right eCommerce mobile App development & implementation strategy, they can reach new heights of success.

Summary: Mobile apps are an indispensable part of our daily lives. Ecommerce mobile apps also have become quite popular because of shoppers’ preferences and demands. Learn what are some advantages of eCommerce mobile app development and why businesses should invest in it.