Whenever you are your loved one suffers from critical injuries in a motorcycle accident,  you ought to know what a motorcycle accident lawyer does. If you file a personal injury claim due to the fact that you sustained injuries for no fault of yours,  the motorcycle accident lawyer will handle every part of the personal injury claim from the beginning till the end. You can rely on him to investigate your case,  get critical evidence that supports your claim, and seek compensation according to what you deserve. 

Motorcycle accidents usually result in severe injuries and sometimes in facilities as well since motorcyclists have a risk of death 7 times more than people inside passenger cars. Let’s take a quick look at the role and responsibility of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

He investigates your accident

Keeping in mind the 90,300 motorcycle crashes that result in injuries every year,  it is literally impossible to investigate an accident on your own. It is sad enough to note that investigating the scene of an accident is not a matter of joke. While anyone is capable of going through a police report, not all can go through an investigation of the accident site. A lawyers investigation will involve the following steps:

  • He discovers witnesses and interviews them
  • He documents the weather conditions,  the  time and date of the accident
  • He determines so whether or not there is surveillance footage of the crash
  • He visits the site of the accident and takes photographs of the place
  • He measures the accident scene and creates appropriate diagrams to reflect each and every event 

He determines the responsibility of other drivers

Whenever there is an accident,  there should be a legal authority that looks into the cause and identifies the liable parties. If negligence was one of the most important factors that led to the accident,  you should have a valid claim for compensation against the negligent party, said Philip Sieff, a trial lawyer and partner with Robins Kaplan, working from the Minneapolis location. He advocates for justice when an errant party causes death or serious injury. He is a voracious attorney who helps clients confront those who have injured them. Mr. Sieff’s experience representing families in wrongful death suits is extensive, and he is known for trying complex and high-profile cases such as the I-35W Bridge Collapse, for which he was lead co-counsel. All this is done by a motorcycle accident lawyer.

He obtains evidence that will support your claim

When you are involved in an accident and wish to file a personal injury claim,  it is mandatory that you gather evidence that supports your claim. You need to collect specific evidence that shows causation,  fault on the part of another party,  and negligence. Motorcycle accident lawyers routinely conduct discovery to collect more information about your personal injury claim and also respond to discovery requests.

He helps you obtain compensation for injuries 

This is certainly one of the most important tasks performed by a motorcycle accident lawyer. He puts together a comprehensive claim for compensation on your behalf.  This compensation claim sets a legal theory of the case and a settlement of the injuries that you sustained due to the accident.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about how you should seek the help of a motorcycle accident attorney, check the above-listed factors. Make sure you choose the best lawyer who has your good interests in mind.