Goa is the smallest of India’s states however it is a treasure trove of adventure, tourism food, nightlife, accommodations, and other fun activities. Which one should you choose first, North Goa or South Goa? Both are stunning on their own. The vibrant North Goa is all about nightlife and shopping, whereas South Goa offers pristine beaches with picturesque streets and peace. 

If you’re looking to discover the full range of Goa’s fauna and experience thrilling activities in thick forests, South Goa is the location for you. South Goa has several nature reserves that have a variety of wildlife and flora. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, and Dudhsagar Falls are worth a visit. South Goa is that place. South Goa has the best isolated, rustic, and clean beaches, which offer peace and peace, as well as natural beauty. The most popular ones include Palolem Beach, Colva Beach, Butterfly Beach, and Benaulim Beach.

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Reasons South Goa Makes You Better Explore Goa


1. Infrequently populated, unexplored beaches

Goa is one of the states that is known for its tranquil beaches. However, as time goes by, Goa’s beaches are fading in their charm due to the crowds. But, if you’re looking to discover the real Goa beaches go to those beaches in South Goa. We’re sure you’ll be awestruck too. 

South Goa has beautiful and quiet beaches. Go to Colva Beach and Butterfly Beach to the south, and you’ll understand the reasons why Goa is a beach lovers’ paradise. The majority of beaches in Goa have stunning sunsets and vast views of the horizon. However, south Goa’s Palolem and Benaulim could be superior to the beaches of North Goa in terms of beauty and scenic beauty. Palolem especially offers breathtaking panoramic views of the palm tree and crescent. Agonda as well as Palolem located in South Goa are far less crowded in comparison to Baga or Calangute within North Goa. If you like being in large crowds and enjoy a relaxed crowd, North Goa is the spot for you. On the other hand of the coin, south Goa is the best place to be if your preference is to be in solitude or a quiet stroll along the beach or around the city.

2. Explore waterfalls, wildlife, and the beauty of nature

Goa is undoubtedly the party capital of India however, although it is possible to enjoy the party in the north the south side provides an unforgettable experience in nature. If you’re looking to discover Goa’s wildlife, and take part in exciting activities in thick forests, Then South Goa is the place for you. South Goa has nature reserves with a diverse range of fauna and flora. It is a must to go to the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary and the Dudhsagar Falls.


3. Great for a peaceful getaway

Everyone deserves some time away from the busyness. If you’re looking to spend your time amid peacefulness, nature, and peace then you must visit South Goa. South Goa is the perfect destination for a relaxing and luxurious getaway. A variety of hotels located in South Goa offer luxury, peace, and tranquility set against a breathtaking setting of stunning beaches and lush greenery.

4. Gives authentic flavor to your taste and taste

North Goa is wonderful. There are a variety of restaurants, beach cafes, and eateries. If you’re looking to savor traditional Portuguese Goan cuisine, South Goa is the perfect place for you. Going out to eat within the South is slightly more expensive, however, there are many locally-owned bakeries and small eateries, and authentic eateries.


5. Ideal for chill-out events.

North Goa has crazy parties and amazing nightlife. If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting, South Goa has everything. The South is less crowded however, the nightlife is charming and charming. Palolem Beach hosts a “Silent Sound Party” on a Saturday when people meet to listen to music on headphones.



6. Providential

Goa provides a range of accommodation options which range in cost from low-cost to costly. The options for lodging in north Goa include hostels with low costs at Anjuna and the 5-star Grand Hyatt in Bambolim. There are some options in south Goa too but they’re not as plentiful as those found that are found in north Goa. South Goa, as opposed to north Goa, offers a variety of excellent alternative accommodations that are luxurious. South Goa draws fewer tourists due to these costs, which makes it a great place to enjoy a more peaceful and luxurious stay.


7. South Goa – Famed Tourist Spots

They are older in comparison to these North Goan churches, yet they’re very like the churches previously mentioned. The stunning beauty of these cathedrals and their vaulted interiors astonish people who visit them. The most famous places that you should visit when visiting South Goa are Rachel Seminary, Our Lady of Hope Church, Velim Church, and Three Kings Church, among other well-known churches. South Goa’s tourist destinations are more well-known than those of North Goa.


8. South Goa – Goa’s Most Exclusive Collections

There’s no need to be singing the “Saturday Saturday” tune since South Goa’s flea markets will always have something different in their inventory. Since there are fewer people in the market, you can bargain more effectively. You can visit your local Palolem marketplace, Colem market, and Caculo market taking the South Goa tour for some of the most amazing retail shopping you can find on the planet. South Goa. You can shop until your pockets start to bleed.