The top international preschools in Ahmedabad adhere to the renowned Montessori Curriculum, which was created, especially to support the holistic development of pre-schoolers.

The curriculum is focused on teaching young children the fundamentals of literacy and mathematics. It also emphasises fostering children’s independence and self-assurance.

The top schools in Gujarat employ a cutting-edge teaching approach that expertly combines Maria Montessori’s teachings with cutting-edge ideas.

One of the best preschools implements the Global Montessori Plus Program (GMP), a one-of-a-kind curriculum that is a combination of the classic Maria Montessori method and contemporary teaching pedagogies in accordance with current global trends for preschool education. 

From the age of 2.5 to 6 years, children are taught using the GMP Curriculum. Between the ages of 2.5 and 3.5, pre-schoolers will start the transition to nursery school, followed by Junior KG/K1 and Senior KG/K2 between the ages of 3.5 and 5.5.

The GMP programme includes five pillars in addition to a modern curriculum that are designed to foster a child’s development and facilitate the transition into upper grades like Primary.

The Best School in Ahmedabad Adheres to the 5 GMP Pillars (Global Indian International School)

  1. The Excelerate Program

Here, the teachers stress language development through various activities like singing, reading, listening, speaking, and writing while also using interactive Montessori objects to help the child’s fine motor abilities. Stacking blocks, comprehending forms and sizes, angles, and other spatial skills can all be developed through fun games.

Basic geometry, problem-solving, visualisation, and pattern prediction are all included in the activities. The classrooms are roomy and open, and all of the activities are set up in a way that will support kids in their daily routine.

  1. Multifaceted Education

Another GMP pillar that emphasises assisting kids in developing their personalities is this one. Both within and beyond the classroom, the kids are given the chance to pursue their interests.

The teachers make sure to offer the best activities to develop a child’s skill set in accordance with their interests. The 9 GEMS framework, which promotes overall growth beyond academic success, was also introduced into GIIS. 

  1. iPlay Program

This GMP pillar makes sure that kids are paying attention throughout class time. Pre-schoolers learn better because there is a nice mix between academics and playtime.

Children have the option to select their own activities and engage in peer interaction thanks to the iPlay programme. Additionally, these games promote socioemotional, mental, and physical growth.

  1. iCare Program

The iCare pillar makes sure that kids understand the value of helping others and taking care of their surroundings. Instilling compassion, generosity, and caring for society can be done through gardening, charity drives, green projects, environment conservation, and other community-based activities. 

  1. Future Ready Program

Some of Ahmedabad’s top international preschools start teaching NextGen learning techniques at a young age, fostering children’s brain development and honing their critical thinking skills.

By the time kids enter secondary school, the goal is for them to be tech savvy. The teachers also consider each child’s natural strengths and help them develop these abilities.

For many kids whose skills lie in extracurricular activities other than academics, this may also open new avenues.

Benefits you child will get from the GMP curriculum

  • Before the school year starts, the teachers make sure that their students have a decent routine established. This kind of organisation encourages classroom discipline and time management. 
  • A child is more prepared and has the proper foundation in both academics and other extracurricular activities since teachers encourage their talent from a very young age.
  • Following a carefully thought-out curriculum, such as the GMP, enables a smooth transition to higher grades.
  • Children learn in the proper setting thanks to excellent facilities like smart classrooms, virtual labs, maths and science labs, and dedicated spaces for extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

Why do most parents consider GMP to be the best preschool program in Ahmedabad?

In order to prepare your child for the future, the Global Montessori Plus Program makes sure that they become accustomed to contemporary teaching techniques. Some of these top schools in Ahmedabad also ensure that kids’ cognitive and motor skills develop by designing curricula that consistently emphasises these talents.

The kid-friendly curriculum taught by skilled Montessori teachers incorporates a lot of contemporary ideas. Most parents adore these excellent qualities, making GMP their top choice when looking for a holistic preschool curriculum.

Last words

One of the oldest curricula in use today is the Montessori curriculum.

A current Montessori curriculum in the international preschools has several advantages and can give a child the best start in their educational career.

Your child will be content, engaged, and independent thanks to a holistic curriculum. Additionally, it fosters self-initiation and self-worth, all of which have significant benefits for a child’s emotional and social development.

The best security measures are in place at Global Indian International School to ensure the smooth functioning of the institution and to provide parents with the much-needed comfort of knowing that their children are in capable hands.