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Repairing a watch requires full attention and precision. It is a time taking process and requires excellent skills. Playing with the exclusive watch and its complex machinery is not an amateur’s task. Watch repair includes cleaning, polishing, fixing, replacing parts, maintaining, and restoring watch pieces. If you want to open a watch repair business or run a watch repair shop, you should master the watch repairing skills and components that are crucial for the watch store.

Not every watch repair store is a profitable one as everyone cannot manage to run it. Apart from having the budget and inventory, you need a few essential things for a good watch repair store. Let’s dive into these.

Information on the Watch Industry

Watches are considered among the most precious and expensive accessories worldwide. The watch repair has leverage in the repair industry due to its unique and luxury items. The watch market is estimated to grow by 5.02% by 2027, which automatically increases the chances of flourishing for the watch repair industry.

Since the watch is considered a status symbol, it is becoming popular with the passing day. This popularity and exclusivity are driving this market. Furthermore, the demand for smartwatches is increasing. People buy watches online and offline all the time. The watch vendors sell their products but do not provide any services in case of damage. If some vendors do offer repair services, they cost you an arm or leg. Instead of that, you prefer buying a new one with just a little addition of money. That’s where repair services help you. Especially after the pandemic, this industry had a huge scope as stores were nearly closed, and people needed to fix their watches. So before getting into this watch repair business, you should have proper information about its global market, local market, location, and trends.

Knowledge of Watch Repair

Owning a repair store requires you to be professional in terms of management and technical knowledge. You should have experience in watch repairing and fixing. You should have the technician’s skills and information about watches to use your labor skills to their full potential. Only then can you monitor them without looking like a fool. Watches are of two types: Quartz and Mechanical. Some watches are smart, and others are vintage. You should be able to repair them and identify their problems, plus guide your employees as well.

With adequate knowledge, you can maintain the quality and standard of your repair store, increasing customer satisfaction. Another way to manage your watch store is using Watch Repair Store Software which I will discuss later in this article.

Trained Technicians and Sales Person

Luxury watches can cause you a fortune. Sometimes they are more expensive than cars and even an apartment. So repairing them requires a great deal of attention and care. For that, technicians should be experts in their jobs. This is the owner’s duty to ensure that technicians are well trained and masters in their repairs. Now, one cannot be the master of all repairs, so for that purpose, you should assign specific tasks/categories of watches to a technician. For instance, one should be an expert in Rolex, and the other should specialize in Rado, and so on. The most significant advantage of an expert technician is that it can restore your watch to its original condition without slightly damaging it.

A Sound Software

The best thing you can do to your repair store is to install a Watch Repair Store Software. It helps you manage all the functions of your repair store. From creating tickets to managing employees, it does it all within seconds. It can enhance your customer service and retain customers for a long time. Customers can check in and out on a customer-facing display that improves their customer experience. With the software, there is no need for paper tickets because tickets are created automatically, and it also saves information. Whenever a customer calls, his information is displayed instantly on the screen, and you can assist him accordingly. Furthermore, you can send invoices directly to the customer, so no more paper invoices as well. You can buy and sell watches and maintain inventory efficiently. The software will notify you whenever stock reaches its reorder levels.

Moreover, you can check your emails, messages, and social media. The software helps you respond automatically to your customer and send custom-made messages. Plus, it also sends promotional messages, offers, and discounts information to your existing customer to attract them to you.

Suitable Equipment

Watch repair requires special equipment like crystal remover, crystal polisher, tweezers, etc., as watches are quite delicate, especially mechanical watches. The watch kits are specifically designed for different kinds of watches, and the technician should be an expert in using this equipment. You should access exclusive tool kits to accommodate every watch holder’s needs. It will allow you to repair every kind of watch, increasing your customer base. Moreover, a suitable workstation for your technician to work comfortably with the watch should be available. If your equipment is good, your customers will trust you, boosting your business within no time.

To conclude, I would say the necessary hardware resources and technology like Watch Repair Store Software are the building blocks of a good watch repair store. So, if you are considering starting this business, follow these points and let me know how it went.