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Eyebrow hair transplant, also known as eyebrow restoration, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in Asia today. It’s most sought after by men and women who have lost their eyebrow hair due to alopecia, chemotherapy, accidents, or burns. How much does an eyebrow hair transplant cost? Relying on how many hairs you want to restore. But what are the pros and cons of eyebrow transplant? Here is a synopsis of some of the most important considerations about this procedure before getting started

Eyebrow Transplant: Do I need it?

According to a recent survey, 90% of women have plucked their eyebrows. The other 10% are men. Of course, eyebrow transplants cost more than your typical tweezers, but they save you from going under a hot lamp every week. And since eyebrow transplants last forever, you only need to get them done once in your life.

 Eyebrow transplants cost depending on where you live. If that seems like too much money for something that’s just going to grow back anyway, remember that it’s an investment in yourself, not just because it makes you look good. It boosts your confidence by giving you eyebrows that match how others see you: confident and beautiful!

How Does Eyebrow Transplant Work?

Eyebrow transplants take about an hour to complete. Using actual hair follicles should last longer than eyebrow tattoos because they involve using existing hair follicles. If you’re interested in getting an eyebrow transplant, it’s essential to talk with a qualified cosmetic surgeon who can explain how it works and help you understand any potential risks. While both options can be considered safe ways to change your appearance without taking drastic measures, it is still a good idea to consider all options carefully. Certain people might not be ideal candidates for these procedures—if you’re not sure whether or not you could benefit from either of them, get in touch with a professional for help making your decision!

Preparation for Surgery

Before getting an eyebrow hair transplant, you’ll need to take tests with your doctor. The process takes several hours. You’ll have to remove any facial hair you currently have and will receive an anesthetic so you don’t feel pain. After surgery, your brows may feel numb for several days or even weeks, depending on how sensitive they are. Your eyebrows might be slightly swollen for up to two weeks after surgery, but they should replace with usual within a month or two. Once healed, you can resume shaving (if desired). Most people start growing new hairs within three months after surgery.

Time For Surgery

The main thing to consider is that eyebrow transplants take a significant amount of time. It’s also important to understand what type of surgery is involved. Though there are claims that transplants can be done in just one session, doctors will recommend two sessions at most eyebrow clinics—the first for creating a template and then a second session for implanting individual hairs.

Suppose you’re interested in getting an eyebrow transplant cost estimate from an actual clinic or doctor. In that case, you should begin by searching for local providers and contacting them directly to ask about their prices. A typical eyebrow transplant costs $5,000-$10,000—but that price can vary based on your provider.

The Surgery Process

Eyebrow transplants are done under local anesthesia in a dermatologist’s office. The doctor will first make incisions in front of, behind, and above each brow to harvest hair follicles from a small patch on your scalp. Follicles are taken from areas that experience hair loss, like chemotherapy patients, and are typically used. A portion of these follicles will be placed into a small slit above your eyes to replace thinning eyebrows. The remaining follicles will be planted below your forehead as donor site grafts to fill in gaps in balding areas for hairline coverage later down the road if you choose so.

Pros and Cons of eyebrow transplant

Pros of eyebrow Transplant-

With an eyebrow transplant, you can get back your eyebrows without undergoing a painful tattooing process or spending hours trying to draw them on. The procedure is often less expensive than other eyebrow-enhancement options like getting a permanent makeup session. On top of that, it’s an easy way to get thicker eyebrows in as little as two days. Choosing how long you want your brows to last (one year, three years, or for life) gives you flexibility about when you want to get another treatment.

Cons of Eyebrow Transplant –

 After all, a brow transplant surgery is a rather painful procedure that requires weeks or even months of recovery. There’s also a risk of experiencing complications, such as infection, post-op swelling, or scarring. As it involves grafting hair from one part of your body to another (typically above your upper lip), there’s also a chance that you might not be able to take medication for pain after surgery. Finally, not everyone has enough natural hair on their face for a successful transfer, so you might need touch-ups to fill in sparse spots after your initial treatment. 

Pros and Cons should include how – Women can get individual eyebrows shaped easily with few side effects by choosing injectable treatments or semi-permanent tattooing for darker skin tones.

Recovery times for eyebrow hair transplants typically range from three to six months. It can bring a few weeks before you see results, but if there aren’t any complications, your eyebrows should be well to return to normal. Even if you don’t notice significant changes right away, it won’t be long before you start to see benefits from a successful eyebrow hair transplant.


An eyebrow hair transplant may be a viable option for someone with little or no eyebrow hair. A permanent solution for thin eyebrows, eyebrow transplants can make it possible to shape brows after just one procedure entirely. However, they aren’t always recommended for oily skin patients; their oily skin can cause eyebrows to grow unevenly. We recommend eyebrow tattooing for people with oily skin, a semi-permanent solution better suited for those with extremely oily skin.