There are several different types of business you’ll come across as a logo designer. Now there isn’t one specialized logo maker that only deals with businesses in the food sector or one in the tech sector (though there can be one). 

Since such specialization isn’t common, a business logo designer should keep themselves diverse and ready for anything. You might find a really easy-to-impress client one day and make several samples for another. 

How choosy a client can get with finalizing a logo design really depends on the core values of the business. That is why we always suggest that before catering to the client, you should get an in-depth know-how about the type of business they handle. 

Checking the website, social media handles and marketing programmers is an important step in the logo making process. Some brands might prefer a funny touch to their logos, while others like to look more professional and decent. 

8 Things for A Good Business Logo Design

If you offer logo design UK services, we have the best tips for you to optimize your business logo design. 

#1) Research On a Business’s Values Well 

A business logo design should reflect not only the aims and objectives of the organization but its core values as well. In short, the audience should know what type of business it is just by having a look.

If you’re just starting off as a logo maker, notice how brands for teenagers have different types of logos than child care brands or even women brands. 

Child care brands would have delicate signs like a leaf, child, or flowers inscribed in them. On the other hand, brands for teenagers show a more ‘active’ vibe and have mobile logos. 

#2) Using The Right Tools 

These days staying diverse with everything that you do is key to making a place in the graphics and design industry. If you only use Canva or CanvaPremium, you’re no good. You might make some nice clients and stay loyal to them, but growing and gaining more ratings will be hectic. 

That is because many other platforms might provide more features but you are confining yourself to just one platform. Make sure you know how to use more than 3-4 graphic design or logo design software’s. This will help you make diverse samples and advertise your skills the right way. 

#3) A Good Mix of Tools 

Now if you know how to use a large amount of tools other than ones you are comfortable with, the next step is choosing fits. Some clients need more customized logos for which you have to work from scratch. 

However, others don’t require much effort and can be satisfied with a Canva basic. There are many apps that allow you to alter pre-ready business logo designs without working too much. So when you’re short on time or need a quick sample, use the ready-made option! 

#4) Communicate with Clients 

This is basic, and largely important. If You don’t communicate the right way with your clients, you can not only lose them but a potential rating as well. This rating might have helped you in making more clients as well. 

#5) App Logos Vs Web Logos 

When you’re designing a logo for an app, things are quite different. If a business has both a website and an app, more people are likely to use the app. 

That’s because it’s easier to access, generates easy sales and is usually more smoothly operating than the website. Therefore, make sure that your logo goes better with the app.

#6) Uniqueness and Clarity 

These are the general characteristics of a good logo design. But many logo designers don’t understand how to apply these on a business logo design. 

Clarity is the key quality of a decent and professional logo that helps clients remember the name. If you wish to make a logo that is memorable, use fonts that are clear, colors that are sharp and yet decent. 

#7) Leaving Enough Space 

Another crucial factor when designing the right logo is to leave empty space and white color. There is certainly no replacement for white because it adds clarity and a sense of brightness to your design. 

#8) Too Much Fancy 

We always remind our business logo designers that making a very fancy, mobile or animated logo is no good. You might be portraying a good set of skills this way but a logo needs to be precise. People cannot wait for the animated logo to move and complete its round like a GIF! 


These are some key tips that can help you get more clients and make them attractive and unique business logo design.