Food is something, which is not only a need for people, but food has many emotions which are connected with humans and their feelings also. You may have that, there are very different types of food that you will get around the world to eat. But if you ask anybody about the best food in this world, then you are never going to get the same answer from everybody. Because every place’s food is so awesome, naming one place’s food the best food is never going to be an easy thing to do. You may have tried the Indian food also, and you may find it very delicious. But today you are going to know about the thalis that India has. You may hear that India has many types of food, and every food thali, which you eat is going to be a different one from the previous one. So today you are going to know about one of the best Indian food thali, which you find in India. The Indian food thali is never going to disappoint you and anyone who eats this thali. So just see the names of the Indian food thali, and decide which one you want to eat. Here are below the Types of delicious thali from different parts of India 

Punjabi thali 

The vibe or hype that the Punjabi thali has all over the world, that type of hype any other thali doesn’t have in the world. The Punjabi thali has the aloo paratha, tandoori roti, peeli dal, Sarson ka saag, and a glass of lassi also. You can give this Punjabi thali as a rakhi gift also if the person loves to eat Punjabi food.  If you want some non-veg food in the thali, then you will find butter chicken, chicken curry and many other chicken items in the thali also. You also know about this thing, that the Punjabi thali isn’t made in a normal way. But you are going to find a huge amount of ghee and butter in every food, which you find in the Punjabi thali. So the Punjabi thali is a thali, which is also a delicious Indian food thali. 

Rajasthani thali 

If you ever thought about the royal food in India, then you just think only about one Indian food thali, that is none other than the Rajasthani thali. The Rajasthani thali has the Gatte ki sabzi, Daal baati churma, khichdi, laal maas, and many other things in thali also. The Rajasthani thali is never going to be complete without having the malpua and rasgulla in the thali. So you are going to enjoy the royal Indian food with the delicious taste of the malpua and rasgulla as well. So enjoy this Rajasthani delicious Indian food thali. 

Bengali thali 

You may have heard this thing from many people, that Bengali people are as sweet as their sweet food. But today you are going to get to know about Bengali thali, which contains a lot of delicious food items in it. You can easily get online gifts delivery of Bengali thali at your doorstep in Bengal also. If you want to know about the culture of Bengal state, then you can easily get to know about it from the Bengali thali. Because the thali has rice, fishes, Sandesh, Macher jhol, Cholar dal, Matar kachori, aloo chana sabzi, Doi dharosh, bohari, potol bhaja, dal and Sarkari. So you just think, if a thali has so many different types of food in it then, how much the thali is going to be tasty. So you should try this delicious Indian Bengali food thali.

South Indian 

You and not only you, but other people also whenever they hear south Indian food, then the first food name which comes to their mind is dosa. But the south Indian thali has other things also, rather than dosa. The south Indian thali has dosa, idli, uttapam, lemon rice, turmeric rice, sambhar, rasam and papas. So the south Indian thali is going to have two different types of taste in it. You are going to experience the sweet and a little bit spicy types of taste in this thali. So this south Indian thali is a delicious Indian food thali. 

You have seen them one by one, and you may be fined that every Indian food thali, which you have to see all are very delicious, and it is very tough to decide, which you should eat and which you should not eat. You have seen all the best Indian food thali, which is not only famous in India, but thalis are famous all over the world also. So you just enjoy the Indian food thali, not only by just seeing the names and food of it but by eating food from this thali as well. 

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