Most business industries, like social media, messaging apps, e-commerce apps, on-demand apps, and enterprise apps, are dominated by Android Apps. As a result, it is more than necessary for Android App Development and developers to focus thoroughly and devotedly while integrating the important features. They must pay attention to even the smallest details because, after all, competition is fierce.

Furthermore, mobile app development trends are constantly evolving, providing opportunities to incorporate new and interesting attributes that instantly capture the user’s attention and are also customer-friendly. There is always the option of customizing the features to meet the needs of the business.

An interface that is easy to use

The first key feature to incorporate in Android app development is ease with a hint of sophistication in the user interface. It must be ensured that the app operation is user-friendly, which implies that anyone, even those with no prior experience with smartphones, can use it easily.

You should keep in mind that most users form an opinion about a mobile app within a few minutes of using it. Therefore, it is preferable to simplify its User Interface design and focus on it while developing the wireframes. The app will be successful if users can get to the desired page with just a few clicks and without having to wait too long. Creating a shortcut for important functions therefore would be advantageous.

With changing trends, gesture control has become an important component of the app, allowing app developers to build the blocks and incorporate newer functionality. It eventually leads to an improved user experience.

Putting the Enterprise App Features into Action

Enterprise mobile app development has accelerated in recent years, and because it provides a plethora of venerable benefits, organizations are gradually expressing their interest in it.

One of the most significant advantages is that it streamlines the business process besides improving communication between employees but also different teams. Second, it focuses on providing strong security, which ensures that your data is secure.

The enterprise apps also include messaging as well as a chat-based feature that allows employees to easily interact with one another. CRM, ERP, and SAP integration are among the additional features available in enterprise apps.

The registration or login page should be straightforward.

Most mobile applications these days require users to register with their email addresses and phone numbers. If it is an on-demand app, people may be asked to create a profile account that allows the owner to collect important data.

You must, however, ensure that perhaps the registration page is simple as well as brief. Longer forms and useless questions may irritate users. You should only include the name, phone number, email address, and, if necessary, the address.

The User Feedback Area

User feedback is supposed to be one of the greatest important aspects of your mobile application, determining if your brand is a hit or flop. Allow and encourage people to send you critical feedback on your app through comments or ratings.

App evaluation

The more feedback you obtain from your potential audience, the more opportunities you will have to improve your app’s functionality. Regularly evaluating the performance of your Android app is an essential part of the job. Indeed, this is a positive and pleasant gesture from the app’s owner and developer demonstrating his concern for the users.

Including Social Media Tools

Without a doubt, social media platforms are one of the best and most efficient marketing strategies for Android app promotion. As a result, it is critical to integrate and connect to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where you can promote your app to provide information about app updates. Users can also share their app-related experiences.

Rapid loading speed

One of the primary reasons that most mobile applications cannot make an impact in the market is their slow loading speed. Users prefer applications that respond quickly, so when developing highlights for your Android app, keep this at the top of your priority list.

It must be ensured that the loading time of your app does not exceed 10 seconds, and should not exceed 15 seconds. It should also be highly responsive, with all functions working properly when tapped at any time of day.

Providing Multilingual Support

Integrating support for multiple languages is another eye-catching feature that will give your Android app a competitive advantage. The language’s implementation must be determined by the audience and the region of the world where your app will be released.

linguistic translation

It should support the most widely spoken international languages, such as English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, and others. However, if you are launching the app in the Asian continent, you must also include Hindi and Arabic. Language integration is also determined by the client’s budget.

The key is to keep it compact.

Users frequently complain about a lack of memory space, which prevents them from storing important data. It is now your responsibility to address this common problem while developing the Android app.

As a result, you can reduce or compact the size of the app, much to the delight of your audiences. The larger the app, the more space it takes and the longer it takes to download or update.

Remember that each update expands the app’s size as you add new features and functions to better serve your customers. You should remove any functions that are no longer required in the

Should also work in offline mode

It is not possible to have an internet connection everywhere and be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, your Android app should also support offline mode functionality.

You should make the app usable even when there is no internet connection. Users will simply enjoy navigating the app functions instead of using their data.

Payment Integration and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can now be considered an important asset for your Android app due to the rapid advancement of technology. It is a feature that aids in the development of a variety of other apps, such as messaging applications. It will increase the app’s effectiveness and make your app more visible in traffic.


Today’s Android apps face risks in each of the inductors. Offering unique, user-friendly, and simplified features is one of the important aspects that can set your app apart from the crowd.

The audience today is quite picky, so you must carefully select the most important features before implementing them. Cubix can help you sort out your requirement before implementing, to develop an MVP of the product to get a true picture of the market and audience demand.

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