The use of corrugated boxes become more important for different industries after the advancement of technology specially in USA. Because it will convert our world into a global village. That will create several opportunities for different industries that they can work in different regions of the world without placing their companies over there. Because the internet removes boundaries for product marketing. Now you can show your product to anyone in the world with the help of social media applications. Corrugated boxes in USA are mostly known for shipping products because they can survive in tough shipping conditions. You can get corrugated boxes wholesale rates from Viveprinting as well. 

At the start when companies start shipping products from one country to another. They are facing a huge problem related to product damage incidents. These incidents are hurting the brand image in new markets. Because no one wants a damaged product in their footsteps. So the printing and packaging companies start searching for a solution to this problem and came up with custom corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes manufacturers are sure about the quality and performance of the product. So these boxes are used by almost every industry that is shipping its products from one country to another. You can find corrugated boxes amazon in different styles and shapes. But if you want to manufacture customized corrugated shipping boxes you can get help from Viveprinting. They have all the facilities that are required to manufacture high-quality corrugated boxes wholesale rates. It is very easy to find them online only thing you will have to do is type corrugated boxes near me on google. Corrugated boxes help these companies to protect their products in the shipment process and their brand name in new markets of the world.

The manufacturing process of corrugated boxes

The material that is used in the making of high quality corrugated boxes is the only paper pulp. This material mostly comes from the timber and recycled woodchips. The real source of corrugated packaging suppliers comes from these two ingredients. These two are the main sources of getting that pulp that is used in the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard shipping boxes. The board is made by the combination of two sheets of paper. These sheets are called liners. All of these sheets are attached to eachother with glue and match corrugated inner medium of the boxes. 

These three layers are combined togather to make a strong corrugated sheet that is then used in the manufacturing of different custom product boxes cheap rates. The formation of sheets in corrugated boxes plays a very vital role because its formation provides the required strength to the box according to the product requirements. All these things are an important puzzle to choosing the best corrugated cardboard shipping boxes for the product.  Because you have chosen the exact strength material that is required by your product according to its nature of sensitivity. So, in that case, you must seek the consultation of experts in it. Viveprinting is one of the best-corrugated packaging suppliers and they provide the services of material selection with their expert team members for their clients.

What Factors make corrugated boxes popular:

Before corrugated boxes, companies are using cardboard boxes for shipping their products. The cardboard box is perfect for normal products but product that is sensitive like wine bottles and other products that are made from glass get damaged in the cardboard box during the shipment process. But on the other side custom corrugated boxes play a vital role in protecting these sensitive products quite effectively.There are multiple benefits of corrugated boxes that makes them a slight better than the cardboard boxes. We have mentioned some of them in the list given below. 

  • The personalization of the boxes is important when product needed to be shipped. Because some products required extra protection than the normal ones. That’s why corrugated packaging boxes are the best option for shipping because they enable the manufacturers with limitless customization options. Starting from the shape of the box to putting extra insertion in it. These boxes support all kinds of customization on them because of their material unique properties.
  • Flat corrugated boxes cover less space in the shipping process and its light weight reduces the cost of shipping as well. Along with the custom product boxes cheap rates offered by corrugated boxes are not offered by any other shipping box material.
  • They provide extraordinary protection to the product packed inside them because of their extraordinary material and unique qualities. That makes sure that the product packed inside it remains safe throughout the process.

Different Types of corrugated shipping boxes:

Corrugated boxes are manufactured in different types. These corrugated packaging boxes are different in strength from each other and used according to the requirement of the product. The formation of these corrugated shipping boxes is different from each other. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Single-face corrugated boxes have only two layers one is the liner layer and the other one is the corrugated layer. They keep the box as protected as it can ever be. 
  • Single-wall corrugated boxes are mostly used if someone is talking about corrugated shipping boxes in stock they are most talked about in this category of corrugated boxes. These boxes have two liner layers and one corrugated layer in the middle of the structure.
  • Then there is a double wall corrugated material. This material is made of three liner layers and two corrugated layers.
  • Then there is a triple wall board that is the strongest one in corrugated shipping boxes and can be used in place of wooden crates. They are used for the most sensitive product shipment processes.

So if you are looking for a reliable material for the packaging of your products for the shipping process. Then the corrugated boxes are the best option you have right now. These boxes not only protect your products in the shipping process. But also help you out in building your brand name in the market. Because of its customization capabilities. You can design it into any attractive shape and print it with attractive colors according to your theme.