The simplest and most normal design is to place your TV above the fireplace. You can capitalize on both by cozying up to the fire while watching your beloved film. This thought saves floor space as you will not need to put resources into a TV unit.  

The main drawbacks to this lounge room design thought are the conceivable neck strain you’ll get when staring at the TV as the screen isn’t at your eye level, in addition to there is the danger of hotness harm to the TV. So what’s the arrangement? Choose low-back couches as displayed in this model. There is additionally no risk of the hotness from the fireplace harming the TV as the apparatus is mounted on the divider.

TV Next to the Fireplace

In the event that you’re not enthused about mounting your TV over the fireplace, you can generally put it close to the fireplace on a similar divider or inside an underlying rack. This is the most straightforward choice, which doesn’t need a lot of reworking on your part. Essentially place the couch and another piece of furniture inverse the TV and fireplace so you can appreciate them both.

For square lounges, it isn’t generally really smart to put the seating right inverse the TV and fireplace. Certain individuals favor orchestrating their couches and table close to these machines rather than as displayed here. With this format, your furniture stays inverse to the fireplace, accordingly assisting with keeping up with the fireplace as the real point of convergence of the room. Simply ensure you don’t pack the space with such a large number of niches and extras as the lounge room might begin to look excessively jumbled.

Corner Fireplace

Arranging furniture around a corner fireplace doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In open lounge room designs, you can match the point of the fireplace around the seating by situating the TV as near the fireplace as could be expected. This will permit the two things to fill in as central places. In this model, the TV is bigger than the corner fireplace, however, it doesn’t diminish the eye from the stone fireplace and the divider craftsmanship above it. The two things fill in as central places in this provincial-style parlor.

Fireplace in the Center of living room

At the point when your fireplace is situated in your parlor, it goes about as an autonomous component and boundary between the lounge and different spaces. In this nonpartisan yet sumptuous lounge room, the detached fireplace is reclining across from the TV, which has made a perfect and simple look.

An L Shaped Arrangement

In the event that your front room is bigger than normal with enough divider space, why not place your furniture in an L-formed game plan as displayed here. For everything to fall into place, you should put your TV inverse the fundamental couch with the fireplace on the opposite divider.

Assuming you actually need your fireplace as the super point of convergence, By hanging an assertion divider or mirror just over the device, you can keep the focus on it. Indeed, even encompassing lighting or a novel divider figure can assist with causing to notice your fireplace. In this design model, notice how predictable the shading plan of the dividers, window covers, and furniture is.

Fireplace and TV at Opposite Ends

Individuals who are sufficiently fortunate enough to have an enormous lounge space, you have the adaptability to design your parlor format around the TV and fireplace. You can be exceptionally flexible with your seating furniture by adding turn seats or extra comfortable easy chairs. 

In this format, the enormous space takes into account the furniture to be organized along with the dividers. The fireplace and TV are at the furthest edges and just one of them fills in as a point of convergence. This split consideration functions admirably in a multi-useful lounge room, for example, the one displayed here.

Open-Plan Living Rooms

Wide spaces in open-plan front rooms are an incredible chance to organize furniture any way you like. There is such a lot of room to fill so when thinking about the best format around your TV and fireplace, make certain to exploit by covering your seating inverse the TV and fireplace toward the edge of the parlor. You might even place the couch and table in the focal point of the room. In this model, the open floor plan in the contemporary parlor region has given loads of free space to situate the couch inverse the fireplace and TV while holding the sensation of comfort.

Thin Living Room Layouts

For thin parlors, utilize the space by having the fireplace and TV on a similar divider. Thusly, the fireplace can in any case be the focal point of consideration – regardless of the number of couches you have fitted in your limited lounge. However long the furniture is looking towards the TV, the design will transmit an enticing energy, particularly on the off chance that you can fit two footrests before the fireplace. Here, the nonpartisan tone shading plan of the reduced family room has made a warm and comfortable feel.

Little Living Room Layouts

Living room layout can be very difficult to organize, yet when in doubt, go for less furniture to keep away from the mess. To make comfortable energy around the fireplace, consider a loveseat and two coordinating rockers or a two-seater couch with a little side table.

In this farmhouse-style room, the fireplace is situated in the focal point of the little parlor and the space is expanded by the little couches so as not to stuff the room. The vitally point of convergence of the room is the blue fireplace with its matching side table.