Social media marketing is a key ingredient for every business, whether eCommerce or not. While eCommerce businesses need such platforms more desperately, nearly every physical brand also now has a social media account.

Social media accounts can increase business exposure, help with recruiting activities and lure the audience to the cart. If you are also one of the marketing specialists researching steps to maximizing social media, you’re at the right place.

Have you got an idea or a product that you want to sell? And you don’t have the resources to market it? Then you don’t have to worry about the platform to market your product. Social Media has got you covered.

You just have to make an attractive advertisement to market and leave the rest to social media. But make sure that you have a clear-cut plan laid out for maximizing social media reach.

Not only will you be able to see a rise in your product’s reach but also an improvement in your engagement with your potential customers.

A few basic and very effective attributes of using social media for marketing are:

  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Sell products and services more effectively
  • Customer service is easier to provide
  • Reaching the target audience through the proper channel
  • Track performance to adjust marketing strategies accordingly

Steps To Make An Effective SMM Marketing Strategy

Step #1

First, you have to jot down the characteristics of your product and align them with the types of customers you want to market to. To do this, you have to think about the people you are trying to reach and put them in different groups or age brackets.

There are different approaches for every age group for maximizing social media audiences.

For example, if you are selling casual trendy sneakers, you will have to attract people aged 15 to 22. On the contrary, if you are selling formal shoes for business or corporate attire, it’s different.

Your target people are from the ages of 23 to 50. The same goes for trying to sell women’s or men’s shoes separately.

Step #2

Once you are done with step 1, then you will have to move on to finding the right platform to market your product.

For example, if your product is compatible with people ages 15 to 35, then you might want to consider Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

However, if you are trying to sell a more professional product, you must consider LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and also Facebook. These platforms will definitely help you in maximizing your social media reach.

Step #3

After all, this is done, then you will have to create something attractive that you can advertise. For example, you can design a poster, thumbnail, or short clip that you can use on different social media websites.

For this, you can use Canva or Adobe software. Many book marketing services near me experts recommend Canva Premium for this purpose.

Step #4

Then you will have to create business accounts on the above-mentioned platforms and then market your product. If you want to get the immediate spotlight, you can sponsor your posts on different social websites, and the rest of the website will do.

The system will show your posts to relevant and potential customers.

Step #5

You must also keep an eye on the competition and should have a regular eye on how they are entertaining their customers. This will help you a lot with your product and your advertisements and will also help you in learning how to better pitch your product.

Step #6

Maintaining the data is a crucial step for social media marketing. Many firms and companies don’t keep track of their marketing data and thus lose their path. One way maintaining statistics can help you is that you can change course whenever you like.

This way, you will be maximizing your social media audience and reach every step of the way. Tools like Instagram Business or Meta For Business can help you carry out such analysis.

What To Avoid In Social Media Marketing?

Although these steps are tried and tested, and they work every time, you must always be aware of the fact that there are some mistakes people make while marketing through social media.

First of all, you should have a proper plan. Even though social media marketing may seem like an easy task, many people fail to properly research and create a plan as well as a budget. Some people fail to properly find the right customers, and others fail to allocate their money while investing in marketing.

Secondly, all the marketing on social media is a waste if your posts are not getting any engagement. And for that, your post must be appealing, and you must try to react, reply, comment, and resolve queries of the people who reach out to you.

You must also keep an eye on the number of views you get, where you are getting them from, and what is the age bracket of those viewers. For this, Google Analytics is highly recommended as it gives a detailed review and feedback on your posts.

Excess Use Of AI: Don’t rely too much on statistics gained through AI. Remember, automation can give your valuable data but not analysis. This is a human task, and thus, you should give it to your workforce.

Not Tracking Data: Many businesses don’t track data properly and hope to be maximizing social media reach. However, data is really important to make a proper strategy and plan.

Not Differentiating Between Social Media Platforms: Every social media platform has a different ‘ideal time to post’ and methodologies to boost reach. On Facebook, a sponsored ad might not work as well as it would on Instagram. Therefore, keep in mind to hire social media managers that are aware of these tricks.


Now that you have all the basic and necessary guidelines for maximizing social media marketing go ahead! You are good to go and start your venture and take advantage of this brilliant platform.