Transforming the look and feel of the personal space of the house, i.e. the bedroom is a basic necessity. After all, it is the spot where every individual finds peace and gets the expected relaxation.

Decorating the bedroom space requires considering factors like the overall house color scheme, adding collectibles, proper arrangement of furniture, and so on. Considering all these variables ensures your bedroom space is more functional and aesthetically appealing. 

But many people get confused about how to get it decorated and where to buy the right furniture in New Zealand to meet all furnishing needs. If this is the same concern you have, you are at the right place. We have gathered simple tips and an easy guide you can follow to get your dream bedroom designed.

Things to Consider When Decorating Your Bedroom

Select the Modest Color Scheme

The color scheme is the top consideration in the list that comes before beginning with the bedroom decor. You need to decide on the bedroom tone you want. It could be anything like cheerful and bold, or dramatic. The next will be to consider the bedroom’s orientation. For example, think about which side of the room the bed will be placed on. You have to think about how the bedroom aesthetics will go with the lamplight and if it will complement the natural sunlight in the daytime. 

The reason behind choosing the color scheme is to make the space more cozy and soothing. Filling in the space with your favorite colors will add to boredom. To complement it, adding a comforter, best duvet coverings, or bedspreads can be ideal.

Don’t Overlook The Movement Ease

One way to achieve a comfortable and cozy vibe in the bedroom is to consider ease of movement. Do you feel cramped while walking in and out of your bedroom? Well, you need to remove the extraneous furnishing items. So, you do not fall anytime over the bookcases or get pressed between the bed and tables beside it.

This tip needs to be considered, especially in the case of the small bedroom where the space is limited. Consider the additional storage areas you could have beneath the bed, such as drawers or cupboards.

Make the Furniture Choice Wisely

Keeping the bedroom decluttered is essential as it makes you feel good and improves its aesthetics. Every furnishing item including the bedroom has varying sizes and weights. It means you must choose the bedroom furniture that fits the room space easily without messing up the appearance. Regardless of whether you are looking to buy a pull-out bed sofa in NZor require other essentials, considering size and weight is essential.

For example, the beds without headboards will be lighter in weight and less wide in size. So, if you have a small room, a light-looking bed with a small nightstand would be great. On the other hand, a bigger bedroom with high-ceiling will look good with the placement of the master bed and wall art to fill the space and achieve elegance. Thus, keeping the clutter minimal. Do not purchase small pieces of furniture or decor as they will blend in with the larger bedroom space or go unnoticed.

Place Foot Rugs to Add Softness

Every bedroom decor is incomplete if there is no single rug. They help achieve the expected warmth, texture, and elegance in the space. Also, the rugs separate the space if the bedroom is bigger.

It is of no concern if the rug size is bigger. This will only add to the underfoot comfort level. Furthermore, it will add consistency and warmth if the bedroom floors are wooden. The best tip is to ensure the rug is placed underneath the furnishing items like the sofa or chairs. This will make both the items complement each other. Also, it is advised to keep the rugs away from walls so that floor’s both sides are utilized at its best. Thus, preventing room congestion.

Add Lighting Elements

Table lamps or placement of overhead lights are the two common preferences of the individuals to layer up the bedroom lighting. But many light sources can level up the overall bedroom aesthetics. For example, you can go with small lamps for reading purposes. Simply place it beside the bed where you want your study table. Also, incorporating a few lamps spattered around will give the bedside table a dewy glow.

In simple words, keep the bulbs and their lighting shades warm. So, the lighting seems soft in the room.

Create Additional Seating

You may be aware of the modern trends of incorporating additional seating into the spaces to make them sufficiently large. Of course, it can be much simpler and will look the way you expected. For many individuals, simply incorporating a chair to enjoy reading books in the evening or in free time can work differently. For others, expanding the seating means creating a mini living room or placing a bench to store the shoes or socks. This will not only act as the storage space but will add style to the bedroom. Do ensure it goes with the existing bedroom’s color theme and other decor items.

Choose the ArtWork Complimenting Other Decor Items

Artwork can be anything like a poster or a painting. However, the purpose or significance of both is to bring personality and style to the bedroom decor. Thus, sprucing up the dull bedroom walls and overall aesthetics.

The best thing is any artwork can be tailored as per the color theme. Also, the layout can be selected according to minimalist or more bold looks preference.


To conclude, decorating your bedroom may seem time-consuming and challenging to you. But when it’s about elegance, comfort, and appeal, you need to make an effort. So, follow these shared tips and you will end up having the bedroom designed the way you always dreamt of. When choosing furniture like wardrobes, sofas, beds, chairs, or other items, ensure they fit into the space without making it cluttered. Also, buy from reputablefurniture stores in NZto ensure longevity and quality.

Thanks for reading!!