The first question that arises in your mind is about why you need custom-printed blank cereal boxes for your food brand. How can custom packaging boost your brand image in the market? All of your questions are answered here. Nowadays, people want to get rid of monotonous packaging. They look for innovative packaging ideas.

First, customization helps you produce any container in your desired style, size, and color. Secondly, custom cereal box blank gives a beautiful presentation to your cereals. It distinguishes them from the crowd. as a result, your brand’s products in special packaging seek customers’ attention and boost your sales.

Wholesale Blank Cereal Boxes in Colorful Prints:

Custom Cereal boxes are designed with endless options. The colorful printing of blank cereal boxes gives them a unique and alluring appearance. Intriguing prints with catchy designs for counter display boxes and taglines impress the customers and convince them to buy the products. We use the world’s best printing equipment and machines to create wholesale blank cereal boxes.

Our printing methods include:

  • offset printing
  • digital printing
  • color model prints
  • no prints

Offset and digital printing methods offer high-quality printing results. Both approaches have distinctive features, and you can choose them according to your project’s quantity and cost of operation. As the offset printing techniques are overpriced and economical for orders in bulk. On the other hand, the digital printing method costs low than the offset printing technique. Digital printing prepares prints in the shortest turnaround time and is suitable for orders in brief quantity.

Use of CMYK and PMS Color Model to Give an Enchanting Appearance:

In color prints, our company employs CMYK and PMS color models. You can choose any printing techniques that best suit your product’s needs. CMYK is a four-color printing method that produces enticing color prints. In comparison, PMS offers unlimited color combinations and results in high quality and accurate results. CMYK is budget-friendly than PMS.

Moreover, our manufacturers are competent in designing stunning wholesale blank cereal boxes without printing. So, you can choose no printing solution if you don’t want color prints for wholesale boxes.

100% Nature-Friendly and Durable Blank Cereal Boxes:

The worth of packaging entirely depends on the material selection. The majority of brands are unaware of the quality of printing stock. So, they let their products packed in poor quality stock. Eventually, the flimsy packaging fails to grab the attention of the customers. Urgent Boxes utilizes premium quality printing stock to craft wholesale blank cereal boxes. We manufacture custom boxes in the following material:

  • kraft blank cereal boxes
  • cardboard cereal boxes
  • corrugated cardboard

Grab the Attention of Buyers with Captivating Add-ons and Embellishments:

The additional features give a finishing touch to custom-printed blank cereal boxes. We apply a wide range of add-ons and embellishments to beautify the packaging. Adding embossing, debossing, and foil stamping in silver and gold color gives a luxurious look to custom packaging. Embossing dominates the brand’s logo and gives packaging a more vibrant and vivid color. Besides this, we also utilize gluing, perforations, window cut-outs, and handles to create more convenient and eye-catchy boxes.

We Have been a dominating and trustworthy packaging supplier for many years. It has been delivering its services all across the USA. We have won thousands of clients’ trust with our extraordinary services. These are some of the factors that make us an ultimate organization for packaging.

Why Choose Us?

Urgent Boxes has been offering its services for several years in the USA. the provision of satisfactory customer services at reasonable costs has made us the first choice of clients. We design wholesale blank cereal boxes in each style and size as you desire. Moreover, we complete orders at the promised time and provide free shipping services to our clients in the USA.