Apple gadgets are some of the best gadgets you can purchase, but every gadget is an electronic device, and no technological device is perfect. Similarly, every iPhone has its pros and cons. iPhones are considered power-sized gadgets and searching for the right fix for these power-sized devices is like searching a needle in a haystack. Many people become frustrated and lose hope in their iPhones. They think that a malfunctioned iPhone can never be reversed. iPhones are expensive devices. People spend a lot of money on them. Seeing them damaged makes a heart cry. Flash Fix London is a mobile phone fix store that has offered a few fixes that solved almost all common issues. They have also told us fixes for complex issues. Hopefully, this mega-guide will bring your brand-new iPhone back on track. Whether it’s a software issue or a hardware issue or a minor glitch, you must not worry because the experts in London have perfect solutions for you. There are some common fixes you must have heard about many times. These fixes are advised for almost all issues because they are popular in fixing problems. So before you start tinkering around, you must start working on these fixes now. 

Turn it on and off again.

This fix has become a common IT joke now. It has become so popular yet simple fix everybody knows about. In case you had no idea about it or never heard of it, it is the right time to get yourself familiar with this. You must turn your iPhone off and on again to fix the issue your phone is facing. It is a magical fix that eliminates the bugs and glitches in your phone. Turning off the phone refreshes it and remove all the viruses. To turn your latest device off, you must press the volume up button, volume down button and side button until the power slider appears on your screen. Slide to the right and switch your phone off. Wait a minute before turning it on, and let it rest until then.

Update Your Apps and iPhone.

Mobile phone repair shop London advises people to keep updating their iPhones whenever any update comes. Many people set the updates to the “remind me later” option and forget to install it. The iOS updates come with bug fixing and security improvements. Installing them can fix more than half your problems. Therefore, you must update your iPhone. Similarly, updating the apps is of equal importance. If you update the iOS software, but the apps remain outdated, they might corrupt the software with corrupted files and caches. The outdated apps are not compatible with your iPhone. That is why update all the apps and check if the issue you were facing is gone.

My iPhone isn’t Charging.

Many individuals complain that their iPhone doesn’t charge. There can be several reasons behind this.

  • Check if the charger you are using is compatible with your phone. It is suggested by mobile phone repair stop in London to purchase chargers that are made by the manufacturers. If you use fake chargers, it will damage your phone and battery. 
  • Check the electric socket. It might be possible that the socket is not working, You must try another socket by plugging your phone into it. If the phone starts charging, then the problem was in the socket that needs to be fixed by an electrician.
  • Check the charging port. A charging port might contains dust or debris that is stuck inside the phone. You must take it out before plugging your phone to charge. Take a toothpick and take out the sticky debris. Be gentle while using it. 
  • Check the lightning cable. Don’t use a frayed cable, you might end up damaging your phone’s components. If your phone still isn’t charging, take it to an authentic phone fix store in London and let the experts solve your problem. 

My iPhone isn’t Connecting to WiFi.

If your iPhone isn’t connecting to WiFi, you must do certain things and ensure to get rid of the problem.

  • Turn your router off and on. Restart it and see if the problem goes away. You can also check if other devices are connected to the WiFi or not. Ensure that all the router cables are connected accurately.
  • Ensure that the WiFi option in your iPhone is turned on before concluding.
  • If you are still facing issues with your WiFi connection, click on forget this network and put your credentials again. 
  • If nothing works, the phone repair London experts advise you to reset the network settings.

My iPhone screen has broken

Many people come to a repair store and tell the experts that they broke their iPhone screens accidentally. It is one of the biggest problems people face with their displays. If you are one of them, the first thing you must do is to protect your screen with a screen glass or a protector to prevent the scratches from getting bigger. Try that the screen doesn’t fall off from your device. Take your phone to a mobile phone fix store in London and communicate your problem with a professional. He will help you fix your screen or replace it as per the requirement.