When we talk about backlinks, they can be divided into two categories, do-follow, and no-follow links. Dofollow links help Google and other search engines to crawl back to your website and blog.  

What Are Some Ways Of Getting More Dofollow Backlinks?

Here are some ways you can gain more Dofollow backlinks:

  1. Analyze your page to understand the current backlink state: In SEO, analyzing the current state of backlinks implies understanding how well the links are working. 

The backlink profile analysis uncovers potential upcoming opportunities or shots and errors stopping the SEO from performing. 

  1. Prepare a competition report: This helps understand the SEO strategy of rival sites, and most of the time, the goal and tactics to reach the goal overlap with yours. Therefore, any information might be helpful for content marketing performance. 

Apart from learning about their strategy that is working for them, you would also learn about the initiatives that underperformed so that you can avoid them in the future. While creating the report, you would notice – the backlink gap, keyword gap, and common keywords. 

  1. Search for relevant content to find links: One of the best ways to collect backlinks. Once you start collecting backlinks, you’ll get emails asking you for a link to your blog post. 

While searching for content online, you might find an article that suits the needs of your audience, create an article that would add more value to that article you found, and lastly, contact the author and introduce yourself and the content you created to know if they can link their article to yours.

  1. Check for broken links: There are often cases where the links that have been used on the website have broken due to Google updates, pages that have been closed, or rebranding. 

In such cases, you need to Hire Dedicated Link Building Expert who would help you search for new links and replace them with better backlinks.

  1. Take off all the harmful backlinks: Some backlinks might harm the SEO initiatives. It can happen due to an accident or can be done intentionally when a competitive website uses spam links and fake reviews to lower the rankings and domain authority. 
  1. Link up your anchor texts with proper keywords: Keywords play a very important role in SEO and they help content reach the targeted audience. So tagging up anchor texts with keywords would increase the reach of the link. 
  1. Optimize your site for SEO: Google algorithm takes multiple factors into account while ranking or identifying a website to be relevant. For this, you need help from experienced professionals from SEO agencies like New Jersey Local SEO Agency

Why Are Dofollow Links Important?

Here are some benefits of Dofollow links:

  1. They enhance the rankings of a website. 
  1. They help gain the trust of search engine algorithms.
  1. They can improve the ranks of a webpage for its target keywords. 
  1. They make it easier for Google and other search engines to spot your content to rank and index them. 
  1. They make your website look high-end and of greater authority. 


New Jersey Local SEO Agency would help you out with all the SEO-related issues. They would also help build up a stable link-building strategy to get more do follow backlinks.