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Social media has become an integral part of our lives. We are using social media for sharing our stories, contact with our friends, staying up-to-date and much more. Therefore, to visit any social media site is a real excitement for us. The downside of social media is that some people are spreading a virus on social media. You should adopt proper precautions and try to keep away from these viruses. Here, a PhD dissertation writing service will discuss some prevention tips that will be helpful to you to keep yourself away from viruses while using social media.

Have A Unique Password

There are some people who have weak passwords that are easy to guess for other people. If people have easy access to your password, you will be an easy victim for them. They can easily get access to your social media account and spread the virus. Therefore, you should try to use a unique password for your social media account and try to change it regularly. If you have more than one social media accounts, you should keep different passwords for these accounts. Its reason is that if you are using the same password and your one account is hacked, your other account will also be at the risk.

Install Anti-Virus Programs

To install the anti-virus and anti-malware programs is the most important tip to save your valuable information not only on the internet but also on your computer. On the internet, we have to face different kinds of threats day by day. Therefore, after installing these anti-virus programs, we should try to update these programs regularly. These regular updates of your anti-virus programs will be helpful to you to save your computer from the latest threats. You should also scan your computer regularly for making sure that it has a clean bill of health.

Think Before Clicking

Hackers are spreading viruses in the form of shareable links on social media sites. These links look like the original links of stories. Therefore, you should be careful before clicking on any link. On the social media sites, if you see a shareable link of a story from one of your friends who has not ever shared any story, you should not click on this link. Anyhow, if you are interested in reading this story, you should personally contact him and ask him that either he has shared this link or not. Mostly, people share these links in the form of celebrity photos and write the text ‘Check this link’. These kinds of links also contain viruses. Similarly, before clicking on the shortened links, you should also make sure that these links are directing you towards legitimate websites or not.

Spread The Word

To spread the viruses through your friends is the most important tactic of hackers. For this reason, they hack social media accounts of your friends. After hacking these accounts, they share links and videos which contain viruses. As you trust on your friends, therefore, you try to click on these links. After clicking on these links, malware enters into your computer. If you are seeing any kind of suspicious activity on one of your friend’s social media account, you should personally contact him and beware him about this kind of activity. Moreover, it is also your responsibility to share your views and experiences about the malware attacks with your friends and family members. You should also provide them with some essential tips and tricks to stay away from these kinds of attacks.

Use Your Common Sense

An important tip to save your social media account from the attack of the hackers is that you should use it carefully. For this reason, you will have to adopt some essential precautions. First, you should log out your social media account from all devices after completing a session. Secondly, you should send and receive requests for those people only whom you know well. It means that your social circle should be limited. Thirdly, you should update your passwords, browsers and applications regularly. Its reason is that this kind of activity will save you from the latest threats. Fourthly, you should download and update the applications from the trusted sources only. For example, if you want to download any application on your android phone, you should download it from Google Play Store only. Similarly, when you want to update this application, you should also try to use the Google Play Store. If you are downloading and updating the application from the suspicious sources, you will have to face malware attacks.