Are you an aspiring student who wonders what career opportunities are available with PG in Mass Communication? Mass Communication is a vast field in itself, and it evolves as the world around us evolves. It started with a printing press, but now it exists in every shape and form. Digital media, tabloids, radios, vlogging, and blogging are some of the professions under this umbrella.

Looking forward to having a successful career in media and communication? Here’s how your career will shape after pursuing PG in Mass Communication.

1. Journalism

If you are a news geek and are on your toes every time something happens in the country, this sure is for you. A PG in Mass Communication teaches you how to report on news and express your opinion clearly.

As a journalist, you will conduct interviews, field reporting and even write news columns. Journalism is a broad term that includes many different professions, including photography and video editing.

2. Public Relations

Every public figure has a PR team, whether a politician or a celebrity. You may have seen long-written posts posted by celebs or politicians on their social media handles. Most often, it’s the hard work of their PR team.

If you want to be a part of the glitz and glamour and want something challenging, you can pursue PR as your career after pursuing PG in Mass Communication. Your role will be to plan promotional campaigns, organise events, and interact with the press to maintain the client’s positive image.

3. Content Developer

The benefit of doing PG in Mass Communication is that it covers everything from writing, photography, video making, and editing to writing hard-hitting pieces. All of which come in handy when you become a content developer.

Many people have risen to fame through social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, and the reason is relatable content. Besides, you can even work as a social media manager for companies that look for people who can craft original posts and actively engage audiences.

4. Radio

After completing your PG in Mass Communication, you can become a radio jockey. Radio hosts and presenters have on-air broadcasting positions and interact with listeners by delivering content and expressing themselves using wit and humour.

You may hone your abilities, gain experience, and break into the industry by doing a radio station internship.

5. Films

Like in journalism, the film industry has numerous options for you to choose from. Some of them are given below:

●       Film Producer

●       Film Director

●       Screenplay writer

●       Sound engineer

A PG in Mass Communication gives you plenty of career options in the film industry.

Final Words

PG in mass communication opens up doors to some of the most well-paying and creative jobs available today.

If you also want to pursue one of these careers, you need to develop communication skills, which only come when you have professional guidance. Check out the PG in Mass Communication course details by Pearl Academy and learn how to handle and work with the latest media technologies from expert mentors.

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