Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Ali Hamza

“How can I upgrade my wardrobe” is a question all of us ask ourselves at some point, especially with the prevalence of social media now. You see all sorts of people of all different age sets strutting their stuff, dressed in amazing dresses and accessories. Though social media is a relatively new addition, people have been fashion hungry throughout history.

Any time a well-known celebrity would put something out of the box, people would go nuts. A great example would be how Marilyn Monroe influenced a whole paradigm shift in fashion, going from straight silhouettes to body-hugging couture.

But recently, there has been a shift in the world of fashion as well as makeup. People are moving towards a more simplistic and individualistic style. More focus is put on what suits you the best rather than what the trend is. But that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your wardrobe. Having a few signatures as well as a few trendy sets is sure to make your wardrobe pop.

Statement Pieces:

Everyone has a few statement pieces in their wardrobe. Any article of clothing that stands out from the rest of the layers you have on. Statement pieces are essentially the focal points of your whole outfit.

Denim Jacket:

First up, we have denim jackets. Denim has never gone out of style since the first time it was introduced. It has since been a staple piece in almost every wardrobe, regardless of age.

Denim enjoyed its own evolution. We have seen it in every phase, and it has managed to stay right where it was at first, iconic fashion apparel.

Having a denim jacket that fits you perfectly is a must and can upgrade your overall look. An otherwise plain and basic look can be elevated to an effortlessly chic and retro look by the addition of just a denim jacket.

Checkered Prints:

Clueless is back, and it is as big as ever. The 90s style has been making comebacks, as can be seen among the E-girl community. Checkered prints are such a bold piece of pattern that they can work with almost everything. Checkered with checkered or Checkered with plain t-shirts or turtlenecks, a whole look.

Though checkered jackets are a more safe way to add checks to your wardrobe, checkered pants, while out here, can really bring out the confidence in you. Due to the trendiness of this print, you get a wide selection of pants to choose from. Opt for whatever style you are most comfortable in, be it may wide-legged, boot cut, or fitted.

Silk Dresses:

This one is the one. Silk dresses have been treated as a stand-alone type of dress or a dress that can only be worn on special occasions. But not anymore. Silk dresses are squeezing their way into the casual, everyday fashion because they are just too pretty to work twice a year.

Silk dresses are such a statement article of clothing that they were worn on their own for the longest time. Nothing was paired or layered with it because it didn’t need it.

Silk dresses still don’t need anything, but to bring them to casual couture, they can be layered with sweaters. Cropped sweaters or oversized sweaters with a belt go really well with silk dresses.


Now, let’s move on to the essentials. Essentials are basically just basic articles of clothing that everyone must have in their wardrobe. Think of it like a plain white t-shirt. Something that can go with almost anything.

Leather Blazer:

Though leather jackets have a wide selection now, black timeless leather jackets and rustic brown leather blazers are really up. These two leather jackets just blend well with anything. Pair with jeans or dresses or leather. Interested in browsing some great leather jacket collections? Check out Leatheriza Affinity.

Plain Tops:

Plain tops are also an essential part of your wardrobe as they are needed to create dimension and depth in the overall look. Plain white and black t-shirts, button-downs, and turtlenecks are very much needed.

Up till now, we have talked about the statement pieces, but let’s not forget that these basic colors are what help the statement pieces to pop. They are just as important as bolder pieces.


Human nature requires changing! It’s pretty natural to want to change your style or upgrade your wardrobe because you think you’re more mature, or because your style has changed, or just ‘cuz sometimes. Upgrading your wardrobe is supposed to be a fun time you spend with yourself and your body. There are no rules. So relax and enjoy the process. It’ll be so exciting for you.