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Well, learning vocabulary requires patience. No matter if you are interested in learning the vocabulary of Tamil, Punjabi, Hindi, or English, you need to work on it at least for three months. English vocabulary constitutes a very significant portion of the English language. You can’t be considered perfect in the English language till you don’t get a stronghold over the English vocabulary. Therefore, you must enhance your vocabulary to ace any kind of English assessment test or a test based on the English language. 

Many MNCs or reputed companies only make interview appointments with candidates who are well familiar with the English language. A vast throng of candidates especially, those wishing to travel abroad appear for the IELTS exam to get proof of their expertise in the English language. For them, improving their English vocabulary is vital. To know the best approach to improve your English vocabulary continue to read this article. 

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Take your expertise in English Vocabulary to the next level with the help of the following pointers:

Get an eminent dictionary

Well, you might be taking the help of google or various dictionary apps to learn new words. Well. that’s not a bad idea. But to sweeten your performance in the IELTS exam, you must adhere to a dictionary in paper format. Well, avoid buying any random dictionary available in the market. You must better keep an Oxford dictionary in your preferences. An Oxford dictionary brilliantly specifies the real meanings of the word. Even some dictionary shows the example next to the meaning of the words to throw more light on the actual usage and meaning of the word. Therefore, you must invest in buying a dictionary in a paper format to enhance your English vocabulary. 

Find an idyllic spot

After you have got your dictionary, find a perfect place to sit and learn new words daily. You might be thinking that what kind of association is there between place and learning words. Well, know that when you choose an idyllic place that lets you continue your preparations peacefully. Then, this will also make an impact on the quality of learning. And the palace will inspire you to come and sit to continue your preparations on a daily basis. Therefore, find a perfect spot around your locality but make sure the place is safe. 

Learn five words daily

We don’t think that it is difficult to learn five new words daily for three months. Many candidates who are interested in learning the English language often set a target to learn 50 words on a daily basis. Well, that’s not a bad idea but do you really think that it is possible to store the meanings of 50 words in a single day? Moreover, remember that a word in the English language can have more than two meanings.

Therefore, you must learn the meanings of the word with patience and try not to learn more than 10 words daily. Also, be consistent if you have decided to learn three words on a daily basis as this will let you learn 450 words in three months. Therefore, while learning English vocabulary, keep small targets but be consistent. 

Create examples

After you have taken a deep insight into the meanings of the words, create examples to retain the meanings of the words in your mind. Merely looking at the meanings of the words and then, jumping to the next one will not make you store the meanings of the words in your mind for a longer time. Instead, after you have looked at the meaning of the words, learn them with the help of examples.

If you are unable to create examples or find it hard to use the words in a sentence. Then, take a look at the examples regarding the words on the internet. You can easily surf the internet to get the meaning and how to use that words in a sentence. Book the IELTS/PTE exam dates after checking the available exam dates on the official website of the exam conducting body. 


Your determination and faith will help you find the way through the barriers that stand between you and your goals. Dear, if you want to get expertise in the English language then, you have to work on improving your English vocabulary consistently.