Continuing education is important for Alabama home builders to stay updated in the constantly changing construction industry. This article will provide guidance on obtaining required continuing education credits. We will cover eligibility requirements, approved education providers, courses that qualify for credits, and how to track and report completed hours. Following the steps outlined here will help builders meet state regulations.

1. Check Eligibility

To be eligible for Alabama home builders continuing education, you must hold an active Alabama home builder license. Confirm your license is current and in good standing by verifying details online or calling the Home Builders Licensure Board. Only those with a valid, unexpired license can participate in continuing education courses for credit toward the mandatory hour requirements to maintain certification.

2. Approved Providers

The Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board approves various providers that offer qualifying continuing education courses. RocketCert is an approved provider known for its online, on-demand options ideal for busy schedules. They offer courses that are compact and focused on the most up-to-date topics. Their user-friendly platform allows browsing catalogs, registering easily, and tracking progress simultaneously on any device. Alabama builders can benefit from RocketCert’s flexibility and convenience.

3. Qualifying Courses

It is essential to select courses approved for Alabama home builders continuing education. Each state has its course requirements, so make sure the selected course meets Alabama’s regulations. Below are some of them:

Construction Technology – Courses covering new materials, tools, engineering techniques, and sustainability practices keep builders current on industry advances.

Code Compliance – Staying aware of the latest building code changes is critical. Look for sessions explaining recent revisions to electrical, plumbing, and structural standards.

Business Practices – Effective administration, project management, contract law, and other professional skills help businesses thrive.

Health and Safety – Worker and homeowner protection requires knowledge of OSHA regulations, fall protection, proper ventilation, and more.

Specialized Topics – Classes focussed on custom homes, remodeling, universal design, or disaster preparedness offer targeted knowledge.

The board approves courses under these content areas. Make sure any sessions you take for credit are pre-approved and noted in the provider’s course catalog clearly as accepting for Alabama requirements.

4. Passing Exams

Some approved providers offer proctored exams after certain courses. Types include business practice tests and code update assessments. A score of 70% or higher is required to receive course credit. If an exam is part of the class, study thoroughly and sit for the test to gain credits toward Alabama’s mandatory continuing education requirements for license renewal.

5. Tracking Education Hours

It is the builder’s responsibility to maintain records of completed continuing education. Providers such as RocketCert make this easy by allowing you to view earned credits online anytime and print transcripts. They will also submit completion data directly to the Home Builders Licensure Board. However, it is still wise to keep personal files in case of system errors. Records should include course titles, dates attended, number of hours granted, and provider names. Keep all documentation until the end of your two-year reporting period if the board requests proof during license renewal. Proper tracking now saves time and stress later when entering hours into your renewal application.

6. Report for Renewal

Every two years, submit your continuing education hours when completing your Alabama home builder license renewal application. Ensure all required credits have been recorded in the proper sections and pay applicable fees before the expiration date. Timely and accurate reporting is necessary to avoid noncompliance penalties and stay authorized to practice.


Following the above-mentioned steps, Alabama home builders can easily find and complete the necessary continuing education courses. Taking a methodical approach to requirements, providers, tracking and reporting will help stay compliant and renew licenses without issue. Continuing education maintains professional standards in the always-evolving housing industry.