The main aim of a conference is to convey the required ideas to the audience while keeping them engaged. However, such events can be long and tiring for the attendees. A conference breakout is a small session in-between the main event, specifically added to give the audience a break by engaging them in fun activities. Large participant groups are divided into small groups that help them discuss more niche topics with each other.

A compelling conference breakout can re-energize the audience and help them bring their focus back to the session. You can hire a reputable event planner in Singapore and effectively include a conference breakout in your next corporate event. In addition, you can also go through the top tips that we have explained below. They will help you create a compelling conference breakout. So, let’s get started.

Tips To Create An Engaging Conference Breakout

Organize Lightning Talks

As the name suggests, lightning talks are quick and short sessions through which you can break the whole conference into small parts. The attendees get to know about different topics related to the main agenda. Consequently, they don’t get bored in long conferences and stay focused.

Another good way to break out a conference is by giving the attendees the chance to come on stage and speak on their favorite topic related to the conference. This way, the audience will actually participate in the conference, rather than just passively listening to the host.

Incorporate Speed Networking Sessions

It is similar to regular networking, just the time taken to network with others is limited. It helps all the participants build professional connections with each other, which is ultimately beneficial for them.

Simply, divide the attendees into multiple groups and give them limited time to interact with every individual in the group. Afterward, they move on to the next person. This activity will make the participants more familiar and open with each other, which creates a good environment for the conference.

Arrange Games and Other Fun Activities

Games can help the participants to relax and have fun in a serious conference environment. For this reason, every reputable event company in Singapore organizes games and fun activities when they manage corporate events. Games help you capture the audience’s attention so that they remain attentive for the rest of the conference.

During the sessions, games like solving a puzzle, bingo, charades, and more can be arranged to lighten up the corporate environment. However, the choice of the games and activities will depend on multiple factors, such as the participants’ age, their corporate background, and many more things.

Discussion on Goals and Milestones

This is a great activity that provides the attendees with deep insights about the session’s agenda and helps facilitate good interaction with each other. Just assign one facilitator to each group who manages the group while group members express their opinions on the conference’s goals.

When each participant puts forward their ideas they actively participate in the conference, which engages them even more. Besides, others get the opportunity to learn something new and enhance their knowledge. Thus, discussing the goals and milestones of the session is a good activity that you can use for the conference breakout.

Organize Drop-in Discussions

Drop-in discussions offer a unique approach to conference breakouts. The core agenda of the conference has multiple aspects and relations with multiple niches. So, why not the conference into different sections and let the participants learn about the sub-topic in which they are interested or related to their expertise?

Drop-in discussions turn this vision into reality. Multiple sessions are going on in different halls on different topics. Now, it’s the participants’ decision about which sessions they want to attend and which to skip. It ensures that every person who attends the conference gets fully engaged with the topic of their choice.

Ask Me Anything Activity

Ask me anything activity is similar to Q&A sessions that are widely used in various corporate events and meetings. During the break, divide the participants into different groups and assign different meeting halls for them. Afterward, assign one experienced facilitator to each group.

The facilitator will lead the sessions and encourage the people in the room to raise their questions or express their thoughts on the conference so far. Thus, the participants get the chance to resolve their doubts, have more clarity on the topic, and convey what they think to others.

Engage The Participants in Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are best for in-person events. All the participants can be divided into separate teams and allowed to participate in events like a treasure hunt, soccer game, local exploration, and more. This not only provides the attendees with a much-needed break during the long conferences but also lets them re-energize for the remaining part of the session.

After a fun and relaxing break, the attendees are more focused and attentive to the event, than before. Thus, they will understand the conference’s agenda in a better way, which is the end goal of your respective corporate session. Due to their effectiveness, every event planner in Singapore includes some outdoor activities in the conference’s schedule.

Organize Open Mic Sessions

Open mic sessions offer an opportunity for the attendees to explore their creativity. You can invite some of the participants on stage during the break who are willing to show their talent to the rest of the people. It will increase their confidence and entertain the audience during the break. This way, open mic sessions can be the key to a perfect conference breakout.

You can also keep the open mic theme according to the conference’s topic. This way, the participants will stay connected with the session’s agenda, even during the break. People can share their personal experiences and thoughts related to the topic on the open mic.


Breakout sessions are really important for impactful conferences. They keep the audience engaged with the corporate event and also entertain them to ensure a fun experience. With the help of the above tips, you can make your next conference a success. Besides, the participants will be excited to attend your future events as well, if you provide them with corporate knowledge and learning through the event.