Security is essential in your business premises to ensure public safety. Businesses use walk-through door frame baggage scanners to deter theft and promote public safety. Deep search metal detectors and  scanners ensure people coming to your place of business are checked for dangerous or harmful items. Since they can show contents inside luggage, it’s a great addition to your security protocols. Here is a look at how these devices work.

How do X Ray baggage scanners work?

Walk-through door frame baggage scanners are present at premises entrances. They are used to show hidden items in the luggage and detect non-metallic and metallic items. The devices use X-rays radiation to display the content scanned for inspection. A computer analyses the transmitted rays and generates images highlighting questionable items and differentiating them by colour. In case there is a dangerous item, security personnel goes ahead to check the luggage thoroughly. If there are any illegal items, such as guns or knives, they will be confiscated.

There are several luggage scanners available in the market. So, picking one that suits your business needs can be challenging. But one of the best models is a walk-through door frame scanner. But to ensure you get value for your money, here are factors to consider before purchasing one.

Factors to consider when purchasing an x-ray baggage scanner

Generator’s power 

The main source of energy for scanners is x-ray generators. They release beams of electromagnetic energy that pass through the objects being scanned. The detector arrays in the X-ray scanner and software change the x-ray data into images. This enables security personnel to check for any illegal items. So, when picking a scanner, consider the generator power, measured in kilovolts(kV). Note generators with higher kV will offer better steel penetration and can screen dense objects.

Imaging Quality

For x-ray baggage, scanners can only be effective if they produce quality imaging. X Rays with low-quality images can be ineffective, making it impossible to proper screening. Therefore, it will be challenging to detect contraband and identify threats. So, getting x-ray scanners with high-quality imaging is important for the best results. Additional features such as real time viewing systems (rtvs) can also be affected by the image quality of the scanner. So, image quality is important. 

The total cost of ownership

Before buying, you must consider the maximum value with minimal lifetime costs. Most people consider just the purchase price, but there is the total cost of ownership. These costs include service parts, product quality, warranty, efficacy, and performance. All this will help you weigh if the equipment will accomplish its mission.

You can find X-ray baggage scanners in public places such as airports and railway stations. They help detect contrabands and illegal objects using small beams of x-rays. However, when buying, it’s hard to pick the right one with the different options available. Therefore, you need to consider factors like image quality, generator power, and cost of ownership.